API Get Attribute

Get Attribute using the API interface:

Request Url:

Request Type: GET

profileIdstringBrowser profile IDtrue
argsstringGenerally, it is a JSON string formed by combining the Element_ID obtained after finding the element through findElement.
example: [{“ELEMENT”: “95365abe-6746-4703-8cfd-6316580f5289”, “element-6066-11e4-a52e-4f735466cecf”: “95365abe-6746-4703-8cfd-6316580f5289”}, “value”]
This is the value of 95365abe-6746-4703-8cfd-6316580f5289 element.


    "profileId": "17D40B01-566A-4E3F-888A-C40A404668B8",
    "args": "[{\"ELEMENT\": \"95365abe-6746-4703-8cfd-6316580f5289\", \"element-6066-11e4-a52e-4f735466cecf\": \"95365abe-6746-4703-8cfd-6316580f5289\"}, \"style\"]"


(1) When using the local interface, you need to Enable browser automation settings on the VMLogin client and save the settings. Please refer to the tutorial "Launch the browser automation port";

(2) For profiled, please refer to the tutorial "Where is the profile ID" or use the profile/list interface to get all profileId;

(3) For elementId, please refer to the "Find Element" tutorial.