Admin Account:

You may add sub-account under Admin Account (Example: Team / Scale / Custom Plan)

When you login as a Admin Account, You may edit the authority of sub- accounts under the [Profiles Create]:


A new Sub-account created through the [Profiles Create], then will have the same authority as Admin Account.

Profiles operating instructions:

a.An Sub-account with Access to [Profiles Create] is able to create their own profiles browser file, after that, you may edit, delete, share,transfer them.
b.An Sub-account without Access to [Profiles Create] is only able to receive [Profile’s FingerPrint]
a.Profiles Creators are able to share to any VMLogin Users, each [FingerPrint Plugin] are limited up to 20 Users. You may change the shared User names anytime by replacing them.
Note: If you are the owner account of the [Account management], you won’t be able to share that to the same owner account.
a.Admin Account Transfer: can only transfer to an Assistant Account with [browser profiles]
b.Assistant Account:
i.Assistant Account with [browser profiles], May transfer back to the Admin account or other Assistant account with same authority.
ii.Assistant Account without [browser profiles] Are unable to do any transfer, nor receiving it.

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