Admin Account:

You may add sub-account under Admin Account (Example: Solo / Team / Scale / Custom Plan)

Admin Account can change the account and password of sub-account;

Admin Account can delete sub-account;

When you login as a Admin Account, You may edit the authority of sub- accounts under the [Profiles Create]:


A new Sub-account with Access to [Profiles Create] , then will have the same authority as Admin Account.

Profiles operating instructions:


a.An Sub-account with Access to [Profiles Create] is able to create their own browser profiles, after that, you may edit, delete, share,transfer them;

b.An Sub-account without Access to [Profiles Create] is only able to receive [Profile’s FingerPrint] , you only can use it and can not change any settings of profile.


a.Profiles Creators are able to share to any VMLogin Users, each [FingerPrint Plugin] are limited up to 20 Users. You may change the shared User names anytime by replacing them;

b.The profile created by the admin account or sub-account is independent of each other. If you don't share the profile to each other, then they will can not see it. They only can see the profile which was created by themselves or the user who shared to them.

Note: If you are the owner account of the [Account management], you won’t be able to share that to the same owner account.


a.Admin Account Transfer: can transfer the profiles to any VMLogin user with [browser create] authority;


Sub-Account with [profiles create], May transfer the profile’s ownership to the Admin account or other VMlogin account with same authority;

Sub-Account without [browser profiles] Are unable to do any transfer, nor receiving it;

c.After the ownership of the profile is transferred to another user, you cannot use it yourself.

4.Delete Sub-account or Profiles:

a.If the admin account deletes the sub-account, the profiles under the sub-account will be deleted at the same time, and all profiles cannot be restored;

b.When you are deleting the sub-account, please transfer the ownership of the profile to the admin account before deleting;

c.Please make sure that you opened the “synchronization setting” when you transfer the ownership to other VMlogin account, if not, you can open it in “other configurations” of the profile for “synchronization setting”,then reopen the profile and load the page, then turn it off to ensure that the data like cookie, username, passwords etc is uploaded to the server. Then the data will sync to the account who you transfer or share .

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