How to Secure Multiple Amazon Accounts Against Associations?

Having multiple accounts on the Amazon platform allows you to expand your sales channels, but you also need to pay attention to the security of your accounts to prevent being associated. In this article, we will introduce several important measures to help you secure your multiple Amazon accounts and prevent account association.

I. What is the Amazon Association?

On the Amazon platform, if there is a substantial connection between multiple seller accounts, they will be recognized by Amazon as associated accounts. Associated accounts are subject to special regulations and restrictions, including inventory sharing, rating interactions, and other aspects.

II. Factors for Amazon to Determine Association

1. IP address: Amazon will make a judgment based on the IP address used for account login. If multiple Amazon accounts use the same IP address to log in, the platform will detect it and then determine the association.

2. Browser fingerprint: Amazon monitors the browser fingerprint of the user’s device. If multiple accounts use the same browser fingerprint to log in, they may also be recognized as associated.

3. Cookies and Cache: Amazon checks the cookies and cache information used by accounts to log in. If multiple accounts use the same or similar cookies and cache information, they may be recognized as associated accounts.

4. Network: Amazon analyzes the network environment in which the account is logged in. If multiple accounts are logged in under the same network, they may be recognized as related accounts.

III. How to Prevent Associations on Amazon Multiple Accounts?

1. Register independent company and bank account: If you plan to have multiple accounts on Amazon, it is recommended to register independent company and bank accounts. This can better prove the independence of each account and reduce the possibility of being associated.

2. Use different IP addresses: In order to avoid the determination of associated accounts, it is recommended to use different IP addresses to log in to the Amazon platform. The IP address can be changed by using a Virtual Private Network (V. P. N) or a proxy server.

3. Clear Cookies and Cache: Before switching accounts, clear your browser’s cookies and cache information in time, or else the platform can judge the association based on your user ID, account password, and browsed web pages to avoid being associated.

4. Equipped with different networks: Each Amazon store should be equipped with independent and different networks, log in to different accounts in different network environments, and stop using the network used by the blocked account to reduce the risk of being associated.

5. Browser fingerprint change: Browser fingerprint, also known as digital fingerprint, when you log in to your account, Amazon can collect digital fingerprints of your account, such as UA, fonts, language, memory, hardware devices, time zones, browser plug-ins, typing speed, browser resolution, etc., you can determine whether multiple accounts are operated by the same person.

How to prevent account association in the most concise and least costly way to solve the above problems?

Most Amazon sellers currently use cross-border browsers such as the VMLogin fingerprint browser. The convenience of this kind of browser is that sellers can use only one device to operate multiple Amazon accounts, and will not be associated.

1. Firstly, it can be customized to modify the browser fingerprint to simulate different login environments, ensuring that the browser fingerprint for each Amazon account login is authentic and unique.

2. Secondly, VMLogin supports all major proxies globally, which can be used with proxies to simulate IP addresses in any region of the world, ensuring that the IP address of each Amazon account is independent, anonymous, and stable.

3. Finally, the virtual browser environments created within VMLogin are independent and separate. Browser configurations are completely isolated from local cookies, storage, and caching, and multiple browser configurations do not interfere with each other.

4. The above points ensure that multiple Amazon accounts can be logged into the same computer and that each account runs independently of the other, and cannot be associated with each other.

IV. End Quote

Securing Amazon’s multiple accounts and preventing account association is an issue that sellers need to pay attention to. By taking the above measures, you can effectively protect the security of Amazon’s multiple accounts and avoid the negative impact of being associated.

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