Batch Login and Anti-Detect: Managing Large Numbers of VK Accounts

Batch login and managing a large number of VK accounts is a challenging task, especially to prevent associations between accounts. This article will provide effective ways to manage a large number of VK accounts and prevent associations.

I. What is VK?

VK (Vkontakte) is one of the largest social media platforms in Russia, similar to Facebook. VK provides features such as sharing messages, photos, and videos, subscribing to a public page, and chatting with other users, and is an important platform for businesses and individuals for social media marketing as well as advertising and marketing.

II. Benefits of Multiple VK Accounts

Having a large number of VK accounts can bring the following benefits:

1. Increase exposure: Multiple accounts can publish content and interact with more users at the same time, thus increasing exposure and attracting traffic to the brand or website.

2. Promotion of products or services: With multiple accounts, you can promote your products or services more broadly and attract a wider target audience.

3. Social media management: Using multiple accounts allows for better management of social media, such as group management, division of labor, and professional branding.

4. Backup accounts: If one or more of the VK accounts are blocked, there are more accounts as backup accounts to ensure the normal operation of the social platform.

III. Managing VK Accounts and Preventing Associations

In order to manage a large number of VK accounts and prevent association between accounts, the following methods can be taken:

1. Use IP proxy: Using IP proxy service can provide different IP addresses for each account, increase the isolation between accounts and avoid being associated.

2. Manage browser fingerprints: Use a tool to manage browser fingerprints. Each account should have a separate browser fingerprint, thus reducing the possibility of account association.

3. Randomize operation patterns: Operate with different frequencies and patterns during different time periods to avoid pattern similarity between accounts.

4. Use of an anti-detect browser: Why do some business operations have a large number of accounts but the accounts are not associated? Most businesses or merchants have started to use anti-detect browsers like VMLogin. First of all, it only needs to run on one computer; secondly, it can generate multiple unique fingerprint browsers, each of which is a different hardware device, with the browsers physically isolated from each other. By setting a static IP in each virtual profile, you can simulate hardware devices from various countries/regions around the world, thus realizing multi-platform and multi-account login anti-association. In this way, managing multiple VK accounts in VMLogin is very simple.

IV. Unique Technology of VMLogin Browser

VMLogin is a professional anti-association platform for bulk account management. Its unique technologies include:

⭐ Batch import/export cookies for password-free account login;

⭐ Support for browser auto-execution of Selenium, Puppeteer, and other automation tools;

⭐ Customized modification of MAC address and computer name to prevent leakage;

⭐ Simulate human hand-typing speed customization to avoid websites detecting copy-paste;

⭐ Customize device battery charge percentage, charge control, and charge time. Usage time and Bluetooth API fingerprinting;

⭐ Customize browser UA, fonts, fingerprint hardware parameters such as graphics card, resolution, sound card, CPU, etc., modify browser SSL fingerprint settings, etc.

These unique technologies make it impossible to associate accounts and improve account security. New users can try it for 3 days for free!

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