Selling on eBay: How to Create an eBay Seller Account?

As one of the world’s largest online auction and shopping platforms, eBay offers great business opportunities for sellers. If you want to start selling on eBay and win more customers, this article will provide a detailed step-by-step guide to creating a seller account to help you start a successful e-commerce journey.

I. Visit eBay’s official website

First of all, open your browser and enter eBay’s official website address, Then, click the “My eBay” button and select “Selling” from the drop-down menu.

II. Select account type

On the registration page, you need to select the account type. For sellers, there are two common types to choose from: personal account and business account.

1. A personal account is suitable for individual sellers, while a business account is suitable for companies or sole proprietors. Depending on your selling needs, select the account type that suits you and click the appropriate option. Fill out the registration form and click Create Account (you can sign up with a Google, Facebook, or Apple account). After that, provide your contact information and select Continue.

2. If you are a registered business seller (sole proprietor/single member LLC, corporation/multi-member LLC, partnership), select Business Account on the registration page. eBay will ask you to provide some additional details, such as the name, type, and address of your business, as well as any beneficial owners, officers, directors, or account managers.

III. Listing your items

1. Now you need to register your account as an eBay seller. Open the “My eBay” drop-down menu and select “Selling” again.

2. On the My eBay Selling Overview page, click the List an item button. The page will be redirected to the Sell Your Item form page.

3. Then enter the name of the item and select “Get started”.

4. Fill out the form to sell your item, submit it, and your listing will be saved as a draft. And, the page will automatically redirect you to the seller account registration page, where you can get started.

V. Choose a payment method and set up a payment account

In this step, you need to choose your payment method and set up the related payment account. eBay supports many payment methods, such as Payoneer, credit cards, and so on. Choose the payment method that suits your preference and follow the guidelines to set up the payment account.

V. Identity verification

To ensure the authenticity and security of the account, eBay will conduct identity verification. You can choose to verify by SMS verification code or telephone verification code. After receiving the verification code, enter the corresponding verification code to complete the verification step.

VI. Confirm account information

In this step, you need to confirm the account information you have filled in, including personal information and payment information. Double-check that each piece of information is accurate and correct any errors.

VII. Setting seller preferences and policies

eBay offers a range of preference settings and policy options for sellers to better manage and sell their items. According to your business needs and preferences, choose the options that suit you, such as shipping policy, return policy, and so on.

VIII. Commencement of sales

Congratulations! You have successfully created an eBay seller account. Now you can start listing your items, setting prices, and starting your selling journey. Don’t forget to optimize your item titles and descriptions and provide high-quality product images to attract more potential buyers.

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