How to Achieve Multi-account Login and Antidetect on eBay?

With the rocketing progress of cross-border e-commerce, Amazon and eBay have become well-known e-commerce platforms. “Don’t put eggs in the same basket”, there are many obvious benfits to running stores with multiple accounts. However, due to the growing situation of Amazon platform closure, many sellers have shifted their battle lines to the eBay platform.

With the increase of the number of people stationed on the eBay platform, eBay platform also issued relevant account policies. So how to achieve eBay multi account login without being detected, increase product exposure and purchase volume, and win a place in many stores?

What is eBay Account Association?

First of all, we need to understand what account association is.

What we mean by account association is that the platform stipulates that a person can only register one seller’s account. Here, eBay prohibits a seller from having multiple accounts in the same region, i.e. a company cannot have two UK sites or two US sites at the same time, but eBay encourages sellers to open on each site to sell their products to more regions. So having both a US site and a UK site is allowed.

eBay checks sellers’ background operation records, operational data, etc. to determine whether the seller is operating multiple accounts.

If the platform finds one person opening multiple accounts, thus gaining more product exposure, it will suppress these accounts and associate them, so that multiple stores may be blocked and closed.

What Are the Factors for eBay to Determine the Account Association?

To suit the remedy to the case, we need to find the source. So what are the factors that are judged to be associated with an account ?

1. Registration information

When registering an eBay account, the seller needs to provide name, credit card, credit card statement (including credit card billing address), address, video authentication of opening a business on eBay and many other materials.

If the above information is reused or partially reused when the eBay seller registers, eBay will determine that the account is associated.

2. IP address

IP address is one of the factors that most easily lead to eBay account association, so sellers who operate stores with multiple eBay accounts need to pay more attention to this issue.

When opening broadband, no matter how many network cables you use or how many computers you use, the network IP addresses of these computers are the same. The same IP cannot log into multiple seller accounts on the same platform, nor can it log into the email address associated with the seller’s account. It is required that each account must be a separate system. Otherwise, eBay is likely to determine that the accounts are associated.

In addition, IP is divided into dynamic IP and static IP. Dynamic IP refers to IP  that will change at any time, for example, if you use IP A today, it will become IP B tomorrow. However, if it happens that the IP you use tomorrow was used by a previous eBay seller, your accounts will be associated.

3. Paypal payment method

Paypal is the payment method for eBay payment. The PayPal cards can be bound to multiple eBay accounts. However, if an account is blocked for various reasons, the platform will review the seller’s other bound accounts for account association.

4. The product information of multiple stores is too repetitive

eBay finds that multiple stores display the same or similar products. If the similarity of product information, product types and services reaches a certain proportion, the eBay platform also considers the operation of the same person, and will determine the account association.

How to Achieve eBay Multiple Account Login and Anti-detect?

1. Prepare multiple sets of registration information that are not independently related. In the registration of ebay account, sellers need to prepare several sets of unrelated application information to avoid the name, address, phone, email, credit card and other registration information is the same or similar to this behavior.

2. IP issue.

① Sellers can pull their own dedicated line. However.the price cost of a dedicated line for a store is too high to recommend.

② Sellers can choose to use virtual tools such as ECS or VPS. However, although this type IP is fixed, it is recycled. Therefore, it may have been used by other eBay sellers before you bought it. If you unfortunately to purchase an IP that has been previously purchased and used by another seller and then no longer purchased, then that will also result in an account association.

③ Use an eBay multi-account, multi-store anti-detect tool like VMLogin Fingerprint Browser, which automatically matches the smoothest IP based on the original IP or country code of the imported account, with one IP bound to one store. Provide users with unlimited and unique browser fingerprint environment. Each account opens a separate browser, and the browser environment independent of each other to prevent personal fingerprint information from being identified, so as to achieve multi-account login batch management stores.

As long as the computer has downloaded the VMLogin fingerprint browser client, the account will be automatically saved in the client after being imported. Even if you are on a business trip, you can also use the VMLogin client to open a shop. The system automatically uses the last IP, which is safe and worry free!

In addition, because it is a client-side operation,  VMLogin Fingerprint Browser will not be stuck like VPS and other virtual tools for remote operation. It runs smoothly. It can solve the problem of account association due to IP address, computer environment and cookies not cleaned up. (Currently, VMLogin Fingerprint Browser has a 3-day trial, so sellers who need it are recommended to try it out. If you are satisfied with the use of the effect, you can renew; if you are not satisfied, you can discard it directly, without any impact on your account)

3. An eBay account bound to a Paypal card, do not a Paypal card bound to multiple eBay accounts.

4. Control the similarity of product information. Avoid multiple stores with the same products. If the products of multiple stores are basically the same, old and new products should be mixed on the shelves andq sold. Also, sellers should differentiate product information, adjusting from titles, photos, product descriptions, image watermarks, prices, delivery costs, and shipping information.


The account association of eBay is irreversible. Therefore, when we want to run stores in batches with multiple accounts in eBay, we should try to avoid the problem of account association. The most important thing is to pay attention to the IP address. VMLogin Anti-detect browser is recommended here, which can solve problems more easily, more safely, more efficiently and at a lower cost. In addition, the seller needs to pay attention to the policy information of the eBay platform in a timely manner, so that it can truly move forward in the wave of multi account wholesale stores.

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