How Can Prevent LinkedIn Accounts from Being Blocked?

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social networking site for business users, and for cross-border people, it is, even more, a tool for customer development, advertising, and marketing, and is a must-have site for foreign trade customer development.

I. Reasons for Blocking LinkedIn Accounts

(I) Account problems

1. Unstable IP, frequent changes in IP address;

2. Frequent account switching on different devices, or synchronized login to an account on different devices;

3. Multiple account associations: registering or logging in to multiple LinkedIn accounts with the same IP address, registration information, and device, or multiple people using the same account;

4. Account registration using virtual information, such as virtual cell phone number, virtual mailbox, and irregularities in the personal profile information of the LinkedIn account.

(II) Operation problems

1. Frequent operation within a short period, such as adding/deleting friends in large quantities, adding groups, sending group messages to friends, logging in and out of accounts frequently, and other abnormal behaviors;

2. Frequent and drastic personal data changes.

II. Tips for Preventing Blocking of Accounts

1. Safe and stable network environment, the IP address should not be easily changed

It is recommended to use the VMLogin fingerprint browser with pure, stable IP, and build a safe and stable network environment, each account has a fixed IP address, stable and efficient, to ensure that the account’s subsequent IP belongs to a fixed place.

2. Personal data information is complete and true

When you sign up for a LinkedIn account, make sure that you use a real name, and e-mail area (keep it consistent with the IP address).

3. Simulate real natural user behavior

When the new account registration is completed, do not rush to send friend invitations or send messages. The new account can first publish some posts or forward high-quality posts, about a week after the time to start searching for target customers based on the desired keywords, and the number of daily to control, not greedy, try to simulate a natural user.

4. Account Anti-Association

If you have more than one LinkedIn account, then remember to make sure that your accounts are unlinked, or else it may lead to the closure of all your Linking accounts. Be sure to differentiate the registration information, hardware device, IP address, browser fingerprint, etc. used by each account.

It is recommended to use a fingerprint browser, such as VMLogin Fingerprint Browser, to create multiple virtual browser environments, so that each account is in an independent login environment, with a completely independent IP address, cookie cache, login device, browser, browser fingerprints, etc., to ensure that each account’s environment is secure and independent, and to prevent account association.

III. How to Appeal for Accounts that have been Blocked?

1. Verify identity for account unblocking

2. Solve it through LinkedIn customer service

When using LinkedIn, you must be clear about what factors will lead to blocking, and only after you are clear about these factors can you avoid stepping on these minefields in the later stages of use.

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