How to Safely Run Stores with Multi-account for Amazon E-commerce?

The development of the e-commerce industry has made a lot of achievements so far, and an increasing number of people have flocked to the flood of cross-border e-commerce. Amazon has to be mentioned here. Although the platform’s account closure tide is raging, it has not beaten back the sellers who want to show their strength on the Amazon platform.

Currently, it’s not unusual to run a store with multiple accounts on the Amazon platform. However, many people are hampered by the platform, making it difficult to register multiple accounts and manage them at the same time. So, what is the ideal way to solve the problem of registering multiple accounts?

The Advantages of Multi-account Operation

As we all know, there are many benefits of the multi-account operation. The sellers can batch manage the store, so as to obtain profits.

1. Risk sharing. Risk sharing is the most critical. If we have only one account, then once the account is blocked, the whole will be completely annihilated. At this point, multiple accounts can share a certain amount of risk. Only the store with a blocked account needs to be abandoned to minimize the loss.

2. Increase product exposure. Through the multi-account operation, multiple stores shelve the same category of products, to achieve screen domination of products. With a greater publicity effect, customers will be able to see more products and improve product sales. No matter which one to buy, the final turnover is our own. But when carrying out this operation, please pay attention to the shelf’s product information differentiation, to prevent account association.

3. Build a brand store. When operating stores with multiple accounts, product categories can be distinguished for multiple stores. For example, if store A specializes in the mobile phones category, then store B can be engaged in related electronic products, such as data cables, headphones, etc., which helps expand the brand influence, enhance the professionalism of the store, and build a specialized brand.

4. Optimize store data. Sellers who have just joined Amazon may find it difficult to gain attention, so they can use multiple accounts to conduct product reviews and interactive comments between accounts, so as to ultimately increase product sales.

5. Control product costs. By operating with multiple accounts, sellers can greatly control the cost of products. If there is only one store, because the seller shelves the product, the quantity and weight of shipments required, and the final sales volume are not too large, then either suppliers, freight forwarders, or logistics parties to negotiate prices are not very advantageous. But when operating with multiple accounts, sellers can negotiate better prices with them. This will control costs in logistics and procurement, you can maximize profits.

6. Cultivate quality accounts. Nowadays, as Amazon has grown, the price of an account has also gone up, especially one that has passed a second audit. Therefore, we can cultivate a quality account, in addition to hoarding a few ordinary accounts, which can also be profitable.


Amazon is extremely free in registration, allowing one computer to register multiple accounts. However, in the process of operation, one computer can only operate one account, if there are other accounts in the same environment that will be identified as the account associated, the probability of being blocked is. Here are some considerations when owning multiple accounts.

1. When registering multiple accounts, the registration information should not be the same or similar.

2. Do not use the same password or design it to have similar patterns.

3. Do not register new accounts with already registered or deactivated account information.

4. The network used should be isolated, and multiple store accounts should use different IP addresses.

5. Try not to use WiFi networks in public areas.

6. Avoid using your mobile phone to log in to accounts.

How to Safely Operate Stores with Multiple Accounts?

Some sellers will argue that the safest way to run multiple accounts and not be associated is to use new computers, new routers, new network connections, and new office addresses. In principle, this is accurate, but if the store account number is too large, the sellers need to invest too much in equipment costs! So, how to use one computer to run multiple accounts? We recommend using a quality anti-detect tool like VMLogin to maintain your accounts safe. Here are some of the superiorities of using it.

1. Multiple accounts log in at the same time, ensuring account security. Each account creates one browser profile. Creating a browser profile in VMLogin is equivalent to creating an independent and separate virtual browser environment. The cookies and local storage of each browser file are completely isolated and browser profiles cannot leak information to each other. In addition, one store account is bound to one IP address, which can ensure the security of each account.

2. No need to remember multiple passwords. When logging into multiple accounts, there is no need to remember the password of each account, and you can directly open the corresponding browser profile.

3. Efficient teamwork. If you have a team, VMLogin makes it easy to share and transfer browser profiles, allowing multiple people to manage accounts and operate the store at the same time. All operations can be done in the same environment, avoiding any risk and hassle!

4. Reduce investment costs. If sellers want to log in to multiple accounts and operate at the same time, they can use a dedicated line, virtual tools such as VPS, or use multiple devices with multiple network cables, but these costs are too high. Then using a fingerprint browser like VMLogin is the best choice, just subscribe to the required package and proxy IP, and the cost is greatly reduced.


If you want to make a difference on Amazon, it is inevitable to run stores with multiple accounts. It is extremely important to have a safe and stable tool when crossing borders.

VMLogin Antidetect Fingerprint Browser is the perfect choice for you! It can ensure that each account has an independent IP and browser fingerprint environment so that multiple accounts can be managed simultaneously on one computer, and the accounts will not be associated. And the team can manage the accounts together, safely and efficiently!

In short, with the support of “the escort tool”, even if the blocking storm is raging, we can still deal with it freely.

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