Why is Your TikTok Account Restricted or Banned?

TikTok, a popular social platform for short videos, has attracted a large number of users and creators. However, there are many users whose TikTok accounts get restricted or banned for some reason. This article explores how to effectively operate multiple TikTok accounts to avoid account restriction or banning.

Common Reasons For TikTok Accounts Banning:

Violation of community guidelines: Posting offending content such as pornography, violence, hate speech, etc.

1. Copyright infringement: Posting music, videos, or other original content that has not been authorized by others will be judged as copyright infringement and lead to an account ban.

2. Abuse of the platform: Using bots or other tools to brush likes and fans, sending spam, and posting a large number of posts with similar content in a short time.

3. Fraudulent behavior: such as false propaganda, fraud, and other behaviors that harm the interests of others, will likely be restricted from using the account.

4. Multiple violations: Multiple reports by others or multiple violations of TikTok rules may also result in account bans.

5. Violations of the Terms of Use: Children under a reasonable age who create a TikTok account or who use false information to create a TikTok account will be subject to account banning.

A Guide to Running Multiple TikTok Accounts:

1. Use different devices and IP addresses: Each account should use a different device and IP address to avoid being associated.

This is to segregate the account environment, but if you have multiple TikTok accounts, using different devices to manage the accounts is not recommended and is not only costly but also inefficient.

The best way to isolate the account environment is to utilize a virtual multi-login browser. Currently on the market more famous VMLogin virtual multi-login browser, not only can reduce costs, but also greatly improve efficiency and simplify account management.

VMLogin Virtual Browser works by creating multiple independent virtual browsers, each of which is a separate and unique browsing environment and browser fingerprint; paired with a proxy IP, each virtual browser also has a different IP address.

This simulates multiple physical devices from any region of the world, making multiple accounts look like they are being operated by multiple real users, effectively preventing multiple TikTok accounts from being associated. In addition, this method saves time and effort by not having to switch accounts frequently, and the windows of multiple accounts can be viewed at the same time.

2. Comply with TikTok rules: Ensure that each account is content-compliant and avoid violating TikTok community guidelines.

3. Don’t switch accounts frequently: Avoid switching between accounts frequently within a short period to avoid raising red flags.

4. Interact regularly: stay active on each account, post regular content, and interact with fans.

5. Monitor account security: Set strong passwords and double authentication to ensure account security.


TikTok accounts that are restricted or banned may negatively impact users’ creativity, socialization, and influence. By complying with the platform’s rules, establishing healthy and active account operations, and taking steps to avoid being banned, users can effectively manage multiple TikTok accounts and improve their performance and influence on the platform.

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