TikTok Operation: Guide for Live Commerce to Get More Followers

TikTok is currently one of the most popular social media platforms and a major gathering place for short videos. Its user volume is increasingly soaring and the platform has huge traffic with over 800 million active user resources. Then for cross-border e-commerce sellers, this is undoubtedly not a good opportunity. With a more lenient audit mechanism for posting videos abroad, cross-border sellers can turn to the overseas short video market for live streaming. This blog post will bring you a guide on how to increase followers in TikTok operations.

1. Determine the account direction.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the content direction of the account, the published content must be vertical, positioning the target audience you want to attract. For the account avatar, nickname and profile should not be too casual, nickname and profile should not be too long; according to the style you want to create, to correspond with your brand, so as to make fans more impressed with your account, and is conducive to creating a brand image.

2. Continuously update valuable content.

The content of the selected topic can be hot, and innovative, but also precise target groups. The title should be both simple and exaggerated, and the cover of the content should be the most interesting frame, which can attract the attention of users. For the new account, the video time should be as short as possible.

3. Increase the activity of the account.

Interact with followers, reply to comments, and pay attention to their consumption needs, which can consolidate the existing follower base, but also win more users’ goodwill; in addition, participate in different theme challenges, while adding the relevant theme tags, in order to improve the exposure rate of the account and increase fans; Interacting with other accounts is also an effective way to promote yourself, you can exchange likes and comments with other brand sellers to help attract more fans.

4. Alternate account to follow the comments.

You can register multiple alternate accounts to comment, like, and collect under the video to attract more interaction so that the TikTok platform will consider you a premium account and allocate more traffic.

5. Use tools to manage multi-account.

For people who run brands on TikTok, it is not surprising to have multiple accounts, so it is essential to use relevant tools to manage multiple accounts. VMLogin anti-detect browser, a cross-border browser, can help you easily switch between multiple TikTok accounts.

The unique feature of the VMLogin browser is that it can generate multiple unique anti-detect fingerprint browsers, one browser is equivalent to one TikTok account, each browser is completely different hardware fingerprint information, the browsers are physically isolated from each other, and is equipped with a fixed static IP, using one computer to open hundreds of TikTok accounts do not have to worry about account association. In addition, VMLogin supports cookie import and export, so you can achieve password-free login to multiple TikTok accounts, greatly reducing management time and effort, you can focus more on creating quality content and developing a strategy for live commerce.

6. Find the best time to post videos.

The best time is the time when the platform has the largest amount of active users. This time the platform will have more traffic and the videos will easily get a greater conversion rate.

In short, to grow your account’s followers, you need to start from many aspects. In addition to the above methods, there are many more. In addition, the most critical thing is to comply with the rules and regulations of the platform, to avoid being identified by the platform as a violation of the account so that you can really operate a good TikTok account.

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