How to Keep Your TikTok Account Safe and Multi-Account Anti-Detect?

TikTok is on fire for all to see. With it comes more and more people conducting online business on it. As a TikTok seller, securing your account and preventing multiple account associations is very important. In this blog post, we will share some practical advice on how to secure your TikTok account and prevent multiple account associations.

Keeping Your TikTok Account Safe

1. Set a strong password: Choosing a strong password is the first step in protecting your TikTok account. Make sure your password contains upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters, and avoid using the same password as your other accounts.

2. Enable two-step verification: TikTok offers a two-step verification feature that can increase the security of your account. By tying a cell phone verification or authentication app to your account, you will need to provide an additional verification step to log in successfully.

3. Be wary of phishing emails and fraudulent messages: Be vigilant and avoid clicking on suspicious links or providing personal information to untrustworthy sources TikTok will not ask you for your account password or sensitive information via email or message.

4. Change your password regularly: Changing your password regularly increases the security of your account. It is recommended that you change your password every three months and ensure that the new password is complex.

5. Update your device and apps: Make sure you keep your device and the TikTok app up to date with the latest updates and security patches. This will reduce security breaches and increase the security of your account.

Tips for Preventing Multi-Account Association

1. Use different email addresses: Use a different email address for each TikTok account to avoid associating multiple accounts with the same email address. This will minimize the risk of account association.

2. Don’t share devices: Avoid logging in and managing multiple TikTok accounts on the same device. If you must use multiple accounts, try to use different devices and browsers.

3. Segregate personal information: Avoid sharing personal information, such as payment information, shipping addresses, etc., between different TikTok accounts. Associating this information with a specific account reduces the risk of multi-account association.

4. Use different IP addresses: Try to use different IP addresses to log in and manage different TikTok accounts. You can use proxy IPs to simulate different geographic locations and IP addresses.

The most convenient solution is to use an anti-detection browser. To ensure the security of accounts, anti-linkage browsers have become a must-have tool for many e-commerce sellers. VMLogin Antidetect Browser creates a virtual environment that simulates multiple independent and unique fingerprints, allowing multiple logins and anti-linkage effects.

Combined with a proxy, each browser is configured with a separate IP address, allowing multiple logins from a single computer at the same time. In this way, TikTok sellers can log in to multiple accounts on a single browser simultaneously without worrying about account association. Also, since it is a virtual browsing environment, there are no advertisements phishing, or other fraudulent links, which protects the security of data and payment.


Securing TikTok accounts and preventing multiple account associations is a very important task for sellers. By taking the above tips, you can increase account security and reduce the risk of multiple account associations. Remember, account security is an ongoing process, always stay vigilant and updated on best practices to keep your TikTok account safe.

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