How to Anti-Detection for Tinder Multiple Accounts?

Tinder is a dating app with a large number of overseas users at present, except for Facebook. It uses a matching mechanism where both users can start chatting only if they express interest in each other. Due to its special system, it attracted a lot of users as soon as it was launched and has a strong advertising effect. Therefore, many people use Tinder as a platform for great promotion and advertising. For better marketing and promotion, one Tinder account is not enough.

However, because of the huge user base, Tinder also has a restrictive risk control system, and it is not allowed to log in to multiple Tinder accounts at the same time, so how to ensure that multiple accounts are not associated with each other is a challenge. Therefore, the Anti-detect Fingerprint Browser was created to help you solve this tricky problem.

Factors for Tinder to Detect Multi-Account Association:

1. Browser fingerprint

2. IP address

3. Cookies

When a user operates multiple accounts, the information above will be obtained by Tinder. The platform can use these information to pinpoint the user and then detect the association between multiple accounts, which can lead to account blocking.

How Tinder Prevents Association:

Multiple accounts can be detected by the platform as account association due to browser fingerprints, IP addresses, cookies, operating habits, etc. But using multiple devices is obviously not realistic, so an anti-association fingerprinting browser like VMLogin comes in handy.

1. For users who manage multiple Tinder accounts, a unique and clean browser fingerprint environment is crucial. VMLogin Antidetect Browser supports customization of browser UA, font, language, CPU, GPU, resolution, sound card, memory, media device, and other fingerprint hardware parameters, and each browser’s fingerprint parameters are customizable. In addition, it supports batch generation of multiple unlimited and unique fingerprint browser profiles at the same time, and each browser’s fingerprint environment is unique and real. So even if you use one computer to log into multiple accounts, you do not need to worry about the same browser fingerprint.

2. Anti-association browser can also solve the problem caused by browser cookies. Creating a browser profile within the anti-association browser is equivalent to creating a separate and independent virtual browser environment. Each browser profile’s cookies, local storage, and other cache files will be completely isolated. This way Tinder will not be able to detect the association of accounts based on browser cookies.

3. Using Anti-Association Fingerprint Browser + With Proxy IP (to be purchased by the user from a third party), each browser displays a different IP address and can ensure that each account has a stable IP address, so that the problem of multiple accounts with the same IP and unstable IP can be solved.

Anti-association browser also supports batch registration of Tinder accounts, you can safely and quickly register a large number of Tinder accounts, and all these Tinder accounts are not associated with each other.

Tips to Prevent Blocking of Tinder Accounts:

To ensure more longevity and stability of multiple accounts, here are some more common tips to prevent blocking:

1. Comply with Tinder’s platform policies, terms of use, and advertising policies, and do not post illegal or prohibited products;

2. Perfect your profile, it is best to ensure that the profile is 100% complete;

3. Do not post too often in a day for newly registered accounts;

4. Avoid a large number of frequent operations on the account in a short period of time, such as adding friends in batches (preferably passively), adding groups, frequent logging in and out, etc.; also do not log in to the account for a long time;

5. Maintain a certain frequency of updating content to ensure the activity of the account;

6. Don’t rush to place ads for new users, try to simulate real users;

In a word, for Tinder multiple accounts to be anti-association, a professional anti-association tool is essential. In addition, pay attention to the techniques of raising multiple accounts so that you can ensure the high quality of multiple Tinder accounts.

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