What to do if Amazon Account Association Lead to Store Suspension?

As we all know, one of Amazon’s rules prohibits sellers from having two or more accounts on the same site.

By enforcing a “single account” policy, Amazon helps buyers minimize contact with unscrupulous merchants. Assuming that a seller with declining performance, complaints or negative reviews is free to open a new account, consumers may be misled into shopping from unscrupulous sellers, and it also prevents sellers from opening multiple stores at the same time, which could lead to unfair competition.

However, some sellers in the initial attitude of just holding a try to open a store, this policy is not taken seriously, so that to the account was banned before suddenly realized.

What Are the Associated Factors?

And what exactly does Amazon detect associated accounts based on? If you want to know if two or more of your different accounts are linked, you can refer to the following points:

1. The IP address of the device logging into the account

2. The MAC address of the network adapter

3. Hardware device, fingerprint parameter of the login account

4. Registered company information

5. Email address associated with the account

6. Seller’s profile information

7. Bank card account, credit card statement, and address

8. Store product information and product categories, as well as logistics information, etc.

How to Fix a Store Suspension Caused by Associated Accounts?

1. Find the specific reason for account closure

According to the points listed above, find out the specific reasons leading to account closure and deal with them as soon as possible. Amazon notifies sellers that their selling privileges have been removed, usually based on these two reasons: operating multiple seller accounts, or existing accounts are associated with closed accounts. Sellers can compare all account information to find out exactly what went wrong.

2. Appeal

If the account has been closed, try to appeal to Amazon for reinstatement.

If you deliberately operate two accounts, you need to prove to Amazon that the two accounts are completely separate and independent. This includes: operating completely different products, product categories, suppliers, logistics systems, business models, etc. Present all the supporting information that can distinguish the two accounts.

3. If Amazon has ever allowed you to operate two accounts, provide records of authorization

There is precedent for Amazon allowing sellers to run two accounts and then later asking them to close one. They may even close that remaining account after a while, as well, because the account is associated with the previously closed account. This is where providing email records of Amazon’s authorization can help increase the chances of winning the complaint.

How to Safely Run Two or Even More Amazon Stores?

Currently, most Amazon sellers who want to run multiple stores at once need to use a fingerprint browser such as the VMLogin Fingerprint Browser. This is a browser tool that helps sellers bypass Amazon’s multiple account detection association.

It creates virtual browser profiles, modifies fingerprint parameters, and each virtual browser profile forms an independent login environment with independently isolated IP addresses, MAC addresses, hardware devices, browsers, fingerprint parameters, cookies, and caches, etc.

This creates multiple real hardware devices from various regions of the world, and Amazon recognizes you as a different real user, making it easy to securely operate multiple Amazon stores without the hassle of associations.

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