Reasons for Amazon Account Blocking and Preventive Measures

Amazon, one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms, offers sellers a wide range of business opportunities. However, sometimes a seller’s account may be blocked, making it impossible to continue selling on Amazon.

I. Violate Amazon’s Policies and Regulations

1. Selling prohibited items: Amazon has a range of items that are prohibited from being sold, such as counterfeits, piped products, and illegal items.

2. Unauthorized sales: Many products need to be certified by an authority to be sold on Amazon, such as medical devices, in addition to uploading other documents such as safety data sheets and exemption forms.

3. Infringement of IPR: Selling products on Amazon that infringe others’ intellectual property rights, including infringement, appearance, trademark, patent, and keyword infringement, etc., such as counterfeit brands, pirated goods, etc. If a seller complains about infringement, the product will be taken off the shelves in the case of minor infringement, or the account will be blocked and the store will be closed directly in the case of serious infringement.

4. False information and fraud: Providing false information, misleading consumers, or engaging in fraudulent behavior is a violation of Amazon’s policies.

5. Breach of pricing policy: Amazon has policies and compliance requirements regarding pricing, such as no price discrimination, monopoly pricing, or violation of minimum sales price regulations, among other behaviors.

II. Product Related Issues

1. Counterfeit or low-quality products

Selling counterfeit brands, low-quality products, or substandard products that exceed consumer expectations will seriously damage consumer trust and violate Amazon’s policies.

2. The product does not match the description

Here we are talking about the excessive difference between the physical product and the listing description and product presentation images. When consumers receive a product that does not match what they ordered, buyers are likely to launch a complaint.

III. Poor-quality Customer Service

1. High rate of returns or complaints: If you continue to receive complaints or return rates exceed the standards set by Amazon, your account may be penalized.

2. Manipulation of Reviews: Amazon has established strict regulations to ensure the authenticity of the reviews, and strictly prohibit sellers from manipulating the reviews.

IV. Others

1. Account blocking due to account association

By matching the associated factors, it is determined that multiple store accounts belong to the same seller.

2. Poor Amazon performance indicators

Among them, order defect rate, order cancellation rate, and delayed shipment rate are the main reasons for account blocking.

3. Non-compliance with Amazon UPC requirements

Sellers who make UPC purchases from illegitimate channels are prone to code mismatch, and code mismatch can lead to sellers being blocked.

4. Failed KYC audit

Mainly for the European site (the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, etc.) of the Amazon account, the seller of the company, and the company owner identity audit (referred to as KYC audit). Sellers are required to truthfully fill in the relevant information and upload the required documents by the requirements, if the audit does not pass, the store will also be blocked.

Preventive Measures:

1. Comply with Amazon’s policies and regulations and ensure that the products sold are legal and comply with Amazon’s requirements.

2. Provide high-quality products and ensure product listing descriptions are accurate.

3. Build up a quality customer service system, and handle complaints and returns affairs to meet consumers’ needs.

4. Check for infringing websites and take care to prevent infringement.

5. Utilize fingerprint browser to operate multiple Amazon stores, bypassing the account association detection of the Amazon platform, preventing multiple Amazon accounts from being associated resulting in store closure. It is recommended to use an experienced and well-reputed browser, such as VMLogin Fingerprint Browser, to ensure the safety of your store, data, and transactions.

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