How to Boost Store Traffic for New Amazon Stores?

Amazon Global Store provides sellers with a worldwide e-commerce platform that allows them to promote their goods to consumers around the world. However, in the highly competitive Amazon platform, how to increase store traffic has become the focus of sellers.

Major Sources of Amazon Store Traffic and Their Influencing Factors:

1. Search traffic: Product sales, keyword matching, positive user reviews, click-through rate, and logistics speed;

2. Ranking traffic: Positive reviews, popular keywords, discounted products, and speed of product refreshment;

3. Related recommended traffic: The number of products in the store;

4. Left category navigation traffic: Correct product categorization nodes;

5. Activity promotion traffic: Discount rate, promotional activities, etc.

Key Steps to Attracting Traffic to Your Amazon Store:

1. Optimize keywords and product descriptions:

On Amazon, keywords play a crucial role in search and promotion. Sellers can optimize keywords and item descriptions to improve the ranking of their items in search results. Use relevant keywords and write attractive item descriptions. Keywords can be set to include product attributes, materials, features, promotional information, etc. to attract more potential buyers to visit the store. You can also set popular search keywords related to your products.

2. Utilize the Amazon ads service:

Amazon Ads is an effective promotional tool that can help sellers increase the exposure and click-through rate of their products. Sellers can utilize Amazon’s advertising services, such as Amazon Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display, to promote their products in a targeted manner and attract more traffic.

3. Optimize product images and videos:

Attractive product images and videos can increase user clicks and conversions. Ensure that product images are clear, and high quality and show the features and advantages of the product. In addition, adding product videos can also attract more users to stay on the product page and increase the willingness to buy.

4. Improving reviews and feedback from customers:

From the above sources of traffic, positive product reviews are crucial for store development. Sellers should also strive to improve service and quality and find ways to encourage buyers to write more positive reviews to increase the store’s positive rating. Or sellers can raise their accounts of reviews.

5. Engage in Amazon promotions:

Amazon often organizes various promotions, such as Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday. Sellers can participate in these events to attract more users to pay attention to and buy their items through discounts, coupons, etc. to increase store traffic and sales.

6. Regularly update item and store content:

Regularly updating store content and product information is the key to keeping users active and attentive. Constantly launching new products and updating product pages and store descriptions can attract users to visit and purchase multiple times, increasing store traffic and conversion rates. If you want to increase the chances of relevant recommendations being recommended, be sure to increase the number of store products.

How does the Amazon multi-account running and self-supporting accounts review?

Multi-account running is generally applicable to newbies of Amazon global store because the store has no traffic, no clicks and visits, and the orders are few and far between. And multi-account ops is a strategy to attract traffic and increase product exposure; self-supporting account reviews improve the store’s positive review rate, which in turn improves the store’s search ranking.

VMLogin Antidetect Browser, an anti-detection browser suitable for multi-account management, helps users log in and operate multiple accounts on multiple platforms with one computer. Each account has an independent and fixed login environment, IP address, fingerprint parameters, etc. You can also log in to your account password-free by importing and exporting cookies.

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In this way, Amazon sellers can manage multiple stores at the same time, and operate multiple accounts to keep positive reviews for their stores, helping new stores attract traffic and increase sales.

Through the above methods, Amazon global store sellers can effectively improve store traffic, attract more potential buyers, and increase sales opportunities.

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