What is TEMU? What are the Merits of TEMU Reviews?

I. What is TEMU?

TEMU is an e-commerce platform, since its launch, the number of downloads has continued to climb, and the momentum of development is great, hitting the floor price of items in Europe and the US market setting off a wave of frenzy, and therefore attracting a lot of e-commerce sellers stationed.

II. Advantages of TEMU Reviews:

For sellers, it is very important to pay attention to the number of reviews and star rating of the item Listing, which is the key to promoting the development of the store. So what are the advantages if the seller carries out a self-supporting accounts evaluation?

1. Flexible control of time and quantity.

Reviews allow sellers the flexibility to conduct assessments according to their business needs and improve the weight and traffic of their products in real-time. This means that sellers can adjust the frequency and quantity of the account assessment according to the sales plan and seasonal demand, to better respond to market changes.

2. Low input cost.

Compared with other promotional methods, the input cost of account evaluation is relatively low. A computer can host two to three hundred buyer accounts and realize cyclic evaluation, which reduces the promotion cost, especially attractive to small sellers and new entrepreneurs.

3. Eliminate the risk of bad reviews and returns.

By evaluation, sellers can control the evaluation content to avoid bad reviews and returns, thus increasing buyers’ recognition of their products. This helps maintain brand reputation and increase buyers’ trust.

4. High quality and security.

Evaluation usually uses pure IPs and first-hand foreign buyer registration information to ensure quality and security. This reduces the risk of being recognized as improper behavior by the TEMU platform, and helps to conduct assessments in a long-term and stable manner.

III. How to Conduct TEMU Measurement?

There are some key factors to implement TEMU measurement:

1. Independent account information.

Each account is set up with an independent bank card for payment, as well as each account has completely independent personal information, including e-mail address, phone number, profile, etc., to prevent these data from creating a direct association.

2. Create a stable environment.

First of all, it is necessary to create a stable environment. Each account should be equipped with an independent IP, hardware device, browser, language time zone, geographic location, Canvas, computer name, MAC address, etc., and ensure that the language, time zone, DNS, and the corresponding IP are consistent. This helps to avoid improper behavior being detected by the TEMU platform.

3. Simulate different device parameters.

To avoid the correlation of data from multiple accounts, it is necessary to simulate different device parameters so that each buyer’s account appears to be from a different device and location.

4. Separate operating environments.

It is important to maintain separate operating environments to ensure that no data leakage occurs. This means that each adoptive number measurement task should be performed in a separate and isolated environment that does not intersect with other account activities.

And these key settings can be accomplished through the Fingerprint Browser.

VMLogin Antidetect Browser, through the technology of virtual browsers, provides users with unlimited unique browser fingerprint environments, each of which will be displayed as a natural, native local setting, effectively preventing user accounts from being blocked. It can simulate the fingerprint parameters of different devices, set the proxy IP independently, and multiple virtual configurations are isolated from each other and do not interfere with each other, ensuring that the environment of each account is independent and stable, and guaranteeing the normal conduct of TEMU evaluation.

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