Tips for Avoiding Multiple Amazon Account Blocks

Amazon, as one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms, has attracted countless sellers and buyers to join. However, in order to maintain the order and safety of the platform, Amazon’s management of sellers has become more strict, especially for sellers who use multiple accounts for business, which may lead to the risk of account blocking if not properly managed. This article will introduce some tips to avoid Amazon’s multiple accounts being blocked, to help sellers better manage multiple accounts.

1. Avoid associations between multiple accounts

One person operating with multiple Amazon accounts may be perceived by the platform as being associated, which may cause the risk of the account being banned. Therefore, sellers should avoid logging in or operating between accounts on the same device, with the same IP address, or with the same personal information. Sellers can adopt the following methods:

(1) Use different email addresses and cell phone numbers to register different Amazon accounts;

(2) Do not use the same shipping address, credit card, bank account, and other personal information on multiple Amazon accounts;

(3) Avoid using different Amazon accounts on the same device, preferably using different devices to log in;

(4) Avoid transferring funds or purchasing items from one Amazon account to another, which may expose the affiliation between accounts;

(5) Use VPS virtual tools or anti-detect tools. But VPS virtual tools are very unstable to use, here it is more recommended to use a safe and efficient anti-detect browser. You can use it without considering the above items.

VMLogin is a browser developed by Chinese people, which focuses on multi-account anti-detect, without having to change different devices or browsers, you can easily log in to multiple accounts on multiple platforms with one device, each profile is independent of the other, and provides fingerprint protection to avoid multiple accounts being associated.

2. Compliance operation

Operating on the Amazon platform requires strict compliance with the platform’s rules and policies, and must not engage in any illegal, fraudulent, or false behavior. Also, sellers need to ensure that the account information is true and accurate, as well as the product information in the account is also true and trustworthy. Otherwise, Amazon may consider your account to have violations and thus block the account.

3. Maintain a stable sales

A good sales record not only allows sellers to get better exposure and search rankings but also allows Amazon to consider your account as a healthy one. Therefore, sellers should focus on the quality of the product quality, customer service, logistics, and delivery, and respond to customer questions and complaints in a timely manner, so as to maintain a good sales record.

4. Regularly change the account password

In order to ensure the security of the account, sellers should regularly change the account password to avoid the account being hacked.

The above are some tips to avoid the Amazon account being blocked, if you also have account blocked troubles, you can pay attention to the VMLogin multi-login anti-detect browser. There is still a free trial experience, maybe it will bring you a different surprise!

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