How to Realize Multiple Alternative Accounts of Game without Block?

I believe that many friends who play online games or browser games will face a problem, that is, there is only one game account, and many game tasks are extremely troublesome to do. Therefore, most people want to open N alternative accounts for one of their games, or even play multiple games at the same time.

But no matter what your situation is, you cannot avoid problems such as repeated manual input of account and password, opening multiple games that will lag, and so on. Here is a simple and practical method to open multiple games or multiple alternative accounts without lagging.

Generally speaking, we are using the traditional browser to play the game, but the traditional browser can only log in to one account at the same time. If you want to open more than one alternative account and log in at the same time, then you have to use more than one browser or keep switching accounts on the same browser, so the trouble is obvious.

The most critical thing is that it’s easy to face some security problems, whether the game account is abnormally blocked or the player’s personal information is leaked, which we do not want to appear.

So how to solve these problems directly?

We can learn about the powerful technology of the anti-detect browser, VMLogin Anti-detect Browser, which is a browser built for multiple accounts. Unlike traditional browsers, it is a virtual browser. It can help you do these:

1. Log in to Multi-account without password:

VMLOGIN’s multi-account management feature can help you achieve multiple game accounts logged in at the same time on the same computer and the same browser without being associated with each other, so you can accumulate game wealth by inviting new players and do game tasks faster, and you can also experience the fun of multiple accounts and different virtual identities. In addition, there is no need to manually enter multiple game accounts and passwords, thanks to the exclusive technology of VMLogin password-free login.

2. Prevent account theft:

Many gamers may encounter account theft, the results of their hard work to play all of a sudden disappeared, or playing the web game is easy to click to pop-up ads. But using the VMLogin browser is not to worry, it provides a shield, and can be completely isolated from these ads, viruses, and hackers can not find you, to provide absolute protection for your account.

3. Accelerate the browser speed:

VMLogin can clean up cache and junk files with one click to speed up the browser so that the game will not lag anymore and the game experience will be greatly improved.

VMLogin Anti-detect Browser, is the magic tool to safely multi-open accounts, use it to immerse yourself more wholeheartedly in the gaming world, and experience the fun of gaming.

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