Amazon, eBay e-Commerce Seller Doing Reviews and Ranking Stores?

In the highly competitive world of e-commerce today, store rankings are critical to attracting customers and increasing sales. In this post, we will explain how to do reviews and improve your store’s ranking on e-commerce platforms such as eBay and Amazon.

What is Amazon Review?

Amazon review refers to Amazon buyers buying goods, and then giving the seller store a comprehensive review, in Amazon is called feedback and reviews. Typically, Amazon sellers release product information, contact Amazon buyers, and then shop for goods on the Amazon platform, when the buyer receives the goods, the seller’s store for comprehensive service reviews. Comprehensive services include product quality, appearance and packaging, store service attitude, and logistics services, etc., and finally, give a high-quality and true comprehensive evaluation. Through the evaluation, you can improve the weight of the store as well as the store ranking, so as to attract more customers in the following and improve the sales of the store.

The Way to Review:

1. Machine review

Through some software or scripts to realize automatic browsing and automatic comments. This kind of operation is very efficient, but it is prone to the risk of suspension, and the evaluation left is not real enough.

2. Real reviews

Sellers can contact evaluation platforms, communities, celebrities, friends, or international students for evaluation. This kind of real-people evaluation is very useful to a certain extent because it is generally a long time to apply the account, the weight is higher, and the role will be greater. However, at present, many real accounts will also have uneven account quality. If there are untimely comments, malicious refunds, black card orders, and other conditions, it will also lead to store anomalies.

3. Keeping a dummy account to review

Keeping a dummy account to review is the seller himself by creating an Amazon account and then operating it, simulating real buyers to browse, add purchases, order, and leave comments. This allows the seller to decide the number and time of the evaluation and the quality of the comments, all in their own hands. However, it is very difficult to operate the account: you need to register multiple accounts, and pay attention to the registration information of multiple accounts to be different, IP addresses and login devices should also be differentiated. The IP address of each account should be kept as consistent as possible with the IP of the harvested address, and should not be changed easily to keep it stable.

VMLogin Antidetect Browser is a local and wholly isolated virtual platform. Multiple browser profiles are created within VMLogin, with one profile representing one Amazon account. Each Amazon account profile can change its own fingerprint information and match its own proxy IP to ensure that the browser fingerprint information, IP address, login device, cookies, etc. are completely different. Each Amazon account has an independent browser environment, even if you log in on the same computer, there is no need to worry about the account association detection of the platform, which is an important tool for e-commerce sellers to carry out reviews.

How to Boost Store Ranking:

In addition to the reviews, there are some tips to improve the ranking of the store:

1. Optimize the product listing, the product description should be detailed, so that consumers have a clear view, straightforward, and win the goodwill of consumers;

2. Get more quality and real reviews. Amazon’s review rate is typically low, so sellers can guide consumers to leave reviews through a number of methods;

3. Maintain a good sales history, sellers can provide fast logistics services, timely and effective customer service, adequate product availability, quality product quality, and distinctive product packaging to enhance consumer satisfaction, there will be a greater chance of improving search rankings;

4. Choose off-site channels to attract traffic. As we all know, how fierce the competition in the Amazon station, it is difficult for ordinary stores to stand out. Therefore, it is necessary to attract traffic outside the station, such as posting on social media platforms, to attract fans for the store and increase the click rate, so as to improve the store ranking.

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