Practical Tools for Ecommerce!

For e-commerce practitioners who want to go abroad to expand their business, it is crucial to use the right tools and resources. In this article, we will share some of the tools to use for cross-border going overseas to help cross-border business.

Keyword Tools:

1. Google Trends:

Its data from Google search, relying on Google’s billions of search results around the world based on the display of keyword search volume trend changes, and will also compare the popularity of multiple keywords, its data is also used by sellers as an important reference for product selection.

2. Keyword Tool:

An online keyword research tool that automatically generates keyword suggestions for SEO and PPC campaigns and can be used for long-tail word mining.

Payment Tools/Platforms:

1. PayPal: An international trade payment tool, covering more than 200 countries and enabling delivery in 26 currencies.

2. WorldFirst (MilesHub): One of the payment platforms for e-commerce sellers, covering many countries and regions around the world.

3. Amazon Pay: An official cross-border payment collection service that uses payment methods stored in Amazon customers’ accounts to settle payments online without additional information or data entry.

Account Security Tools:

VMLogin Fingerprint Browser:

A cross-border browser is an indispensable tool for cross-border users. It is an expert in cross-border account security management, providing an anti-association browser for cross-border business with multiple account batch management. By creating a virtual browser to change the fingerprint information of the website tracking, each anti-association browser fingerprint information is unique, each virtual browser can be configured with independent IP, canvas fingerprints, WebGL, MAC address, and other important privacy parameters of the modification, the real do browser fingerprinting environment is independent of each other, 100% security isolation, to ensure that e-commerce multi-account batch security anti-association login and management It supports global website platforms.

Suitable for e-commerce, social media marketing, advertising, affiliate marketing, and other online businesses. New users can experience it for free.

Selection Tools:

1. Jungle Scout:

A one-stop tool for cross-border sellers’ product selection and operation, focusing on Amazon sales data analysis and product research, it can provide users with a variety of functions, such as product research, keyword research, sales data analysis, competitor monitoring, product management and market data reports, etc. It can help users find potentially popular products, optimize Listing copy, closely monitor keyword rankings, and maximize PPC advertising effect.

2. Pexgle:

Facebook explosive product discovery tool, can excavate explosive and trending products, can monitor Facebook placement ads, and so on.

Logistics Tools:

1. 51 tracking: International express query platform, covering more than 200 countries around the world, support multi-language free switching, support for more than 1,000 logistics companies around the world, including FedEx, EMS, UPS, four-way, global postal parcels, etc., can be tracked throughout the whole process and real-time status of goods sent.

2. DHL: A globally renowned postal and logistics group with a presence in more than 220 countries and regions around the world and multiple forms of transportation.

By using the above tools, cross-border users can manage their business more conveniently and efficiently. Choosing the tool that suits your business needs will help you to go smoother on the road of cross-border.

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