Etsy Practical Marketing Tools: Simplify Store Business!

Etsy is a well-known e-commerce platform that focuses on selling handicrafts, creative designs, and unique goods. For those sellers who run their stores on Etsy, knowing and using the right practical tools for you can improve your store’s operations, increase sales and boost consumer satisfaction. This article will share several practical Etsy platform marketing tools and software to help you streamline your store management.

Etsy Essential Marketing Tools:

1. Alura

When it comes to SEO tools, we have to mention Alura, one of the best overall SEO tools on the market, featuring the most features and running directly on Etsy. It helps you find keywords that are in high demand and low competition on Etsy, which you then use in your titles, tags, and descriptions to increase product exposure. Alternatively, you can use Alura’s Chrome plugin to help you find successful product ideas and then view estimated sales and hidden product tags to draw on.

2. Etsy Seller Tools

Etsy Seller Tools is an official set of tools designed to help sellers better manage and promote their stores. This set of tools includes statistical reports, online advertising services, order management, inventory tracking, and other features. With Etsy Seller Tools, you can gain insight into your store’s operation, optimize ad placement, manage inventory and orders, and provide better customer service.

3. VMLogin Antidetect Browser

This is a special browser for e-commerce, mainly for multi-account management and anti-association, which can be applied to Etsy multiple-account anti-detection, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, retail price comparison, and other scenarios. The advantage of using VMLogin is that you can realize opening multiple Etsy pages and logging into multiple Etsy accounts on one device, each account is independent and isolated from each other to avoid account association problems. In addition, sellers can also use this tool to register and log in to multiple social media accounts in bulk to promote their products, such as FB, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and so on, and then with the use of its browser automation function to automatically raise numbers in bulk to improve promotion efficiency.

4. Canva

Canva is a free online design tool that helps Etsy sellers create professional and appealing product images, banners, and promotional materials. On Etsy, a proper visual presentation is crucial to attracting potential customers, and Canva offers a wealth of design templates and easy-to-use tools that make it easy for even sellers with no design experience to create professional-level images.

5. EasyERP

EasyERP is an open-source platform for Etsy, Magento, Shopify, woo commerce and includes management modules for CRM, HRM, purchasing, inventory, HR, cost and expense, profit, and more. It gives you a clear picture of your store’s data and sales, view all your potential customers, tracks them, and then convert them into sales opportunities and increases sales.

6. 17track

For e-commerce, a platform that can check and track global parcel information in real-time is indispensable. 17track is a global logistics checking platform that can track parcel information in real-time, covering most countries in the world, supporting 30 languages, and more than 800 local logistics service providers worldwide.

7. Mad Mini Email Marketing

Email marketing is also an important step on the road to Etsy’s success. Mad Mini can help you build and maintain a customer contact list, design and send professional email campaigns, personalize marketing, automate emails, and provide statistics and reports to evaluate the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. As an Etsy seller, you can use their services to improve your email marketing strategy, build stronger connections with your customers, and increase sales and brand professionalism.

By using these useful Etsy operations tools, you can optimize product descriptions and tags, boost search rankings, provide better customer service, and increase sales by streamlining your store management process. Whether you are a novice seller or an experienced seller, these tools will bring significant value to your Etsy store.

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