How to Anti-Detection in Wish Multi-Store?

Anyone who knows about cross-border e-commerce must know about Wish. Multiple Wish accounts create multiple stores to bring more sales opportunities for sellers. However, Wish is extremely strict about multi-account. So, how to prevent the association of multiple stores on the Wish platform and avoid store closure?

Multi-Account Anti-Detection:

Regardless of the platform, the most critical thing is to pay attention to multiple accounts of anti-association, because once the account is associated, all the efforts are a basket case.

1. Avoid using the same registration information

Each store registration information should be unique, including username, password, contact information, shipping information, etc.

2. Avoid using the same payment account

If multiple accounts use the same payment account, these accounts will be considered associated. Therefore, sellers should use different accounts when setting up payment accounts.

3. Avoid cross-promotion

If there is cross-promotion between multiple stores, then these stores will be considered associated. When promoting, sellers should avoid cross-promoting between different stores.

4. Avoid using the same IP address and login device

IP address and device are the most likely point to be judged as affiliated. If multiple accounts use the same IP address and device to log in, the platform will detect multiple accounts with the same IP and digital fingerprints, and then these accounts will be considered associated. Sellers should use different IP addresses and login devices when logging in with different accounts.

Generally speaking, Wish determines that a seller’s multiple accounts are associated mainly including the above points, and this requires a professional antidetect browser to prevent association and ensure that each account login environment is independent.

VMLogin anti-association browser, using virtualization technology, simulates multiple browsers on one browser at the same time, each browser is independent, with independent browser fingerprints, and cookies, and each browser is considered a different hardware device. In addition, it can automatically assign IP addresses randomly to avoid accounts being detected with duplicate IP addresses. In this way, it realizes simultaneous logging into multiple Wish accounts, operating and managing them at the same time, unrelated to each other, avoiding the risk of being banned, and safeguarding the independence and security of each Wish account.

Avoid Blocking the Store

In addition to the most important multi-account anti-association, you need to pay attention to other aspects:

1. Ensure the quality of goods

The quality of goods is one of the important factors to attract customers. If the quality of goods sold is not good, it will cause customer complaints and returns. If the return rate is too high, it may be considered a violation by the Wish platform. Therefore, sellers should ensure the quality of their products when operating their stores and deal with customer complaints and returns in a timely manner.

2. Avoid products with imitation and prohibited products.

wish determines that the categories with a high chance of imitation products are: shoes and bags, clothing, beauty products, electronic watches, and toys, which need to be checked in advance to avoid infringement. In addition, the commonly prohibited products are naked design, false, misleading, dangerous, etc. These products need to check the relevant prohibited list in advance to avoid breaking into the minefield.

3. On-time delivery

Timely delivery is one of the most important factors to ensure customer satisfaction. If the goods are not delivered on time, it will cause customer dissatisfaction and complaints. If the complaint rate is too high, it may be considered a violation by the Wish platform.

4. Increase the positive feedback rate of the store

You can use group messages to contact customers to leave comments to improve the rate of reasonable evaluation of goods; then, pay attention to timely handling of bad reviews, in addition to the product itself and the improvement of logistics, but also pay attention to communication. When facing customers, you must respond reasonably, adhere to the sense of service, and be brave enough to fulfill your promises to prevent customer disputes from causing a negative impact on your account.

The above are some suggestions to avoid the risk of the Wish platform to avoid store closure.

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