How to Anti-detection for Etsy Multiple Accounts? Etsy Stores Marketing Tips

Etsy is an American online store platform that features the buying and selling of handmade products. It has been compared to eBay and Amazon by the New York Times and is known as “Grandma’s Cellar Collection”. Compared with Amazon, eBay, and other e-commerce platforms, Etsy may be relatively niche, but this does not affect its popularity.

What is Etsy Suitable for Selling?

As the saying goes, if you want to do well in e-commerce, seven points depend on the selection of products. Etsy focuses on creativity, so the common daily necessities on the market have relatively little advantage here, so what is Etsy more suitable for selling?

1. Handmade wood products, custom decorative items;

2. knitted embroidery items: hand-knitted scarves, hats, clothes;

3. Craft supplies: ornaments, fabrics, paintings, stickers, gems, bracelets, fake flowers, yarn, wind chimes, etc.

4. Jewelry and accessories: earrings, necklaces, strings, belts, and other accessories, custom metal jewelry with letters, crystal rings, etc;

5. Ceramic handicrafts: tea sets, vases, dishes, candle holders, etc;

6. Handmade toys, antique toys;

7. Collectibles: coins, stamps, postcards, and other vintage items;

8. Carvings: wood carvings, stone carvings, jade carvings, bamboo carvings, glass carvings, nut carvings, etc;

9. Virtual digital products: works of design, such as logos, drawings, etc;

Handmade, original design and vintage products are generally more prevalent on top of Etsy.

Etsy Stores Marketing Skills:

The above said seven points by the selection, then the rest is to rely on the operation. To be successful on Etsy, you also need to pay attention to some skills:

1. Choose a market segment.

First, to pinpoint the target audience, the main features of the product, and the main categories.

2. Innovative product packaging.

In addition to the product display picture above the effort, product packaging should also be designed uniquely. Imagine when the customer receives the product and sees the surprising packaging, the favorability level directly soared.

3. Regular analysis of data.

Regularly do data analysis, pay more attention to the click volume, conversion rate, important word ranking, and regular optimization Listing.

4. Multi-store operation.

Sellers can choose to operate several stores at the same time, which can increase product exposure.

5. Use professional operation tools.

Google Trends: to understand keywords; Alura: SEO optimization; VMLogin antidetect browser: batch registration Esty account, multi-account management, and anti-association; EtsyHunt: selection tools.

6. Advertise wisely.

Etsy has its own advertising system Etsy Ads on Etsy, sellers can make reasonable use of this function, which can also increase product exposure.

7. Make use of social media.

All major social media platforms have a large number of active users, you can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. to share graphics and create a community for the brand to attract more customers’ attention.

8. Focus on customer experience.

Good online customer service can promote the purchase of consumers, sellers need to answer questions and solve problems for buyers in a timely manner, more for the sake of buyers, so as to win more repeat customers.

9. Optimize store evaluation.

In addition to the quality of their own products to ensure that sellers also need to use some ways to guide customers to fill out high-quality real reviews, to improve the quality of store reviews, so as to improve the conversion rate of products.


Etsy is a relatively simple platform if you also want to do e-commerce. In addition to mastering some systematic skills, the most crucial thing is to do well in multi-store anti-association, as well as with the selection, SEO optimization, and other tools, you have a chance to succeed on Etsy.

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