Cross-Border User Information Mining Tool

In cross-border activities, whether it’s e-commerce, social media marketing, or advertising, you need to get useful information before you can strategize. So what are some useful information mining tools? This post will introduce 6 tools that are well known and specialized.

1. Google Search Console

Used to improve your site’s ranking in Google search results, it helps you measure your site’s search traffic and search rankings, solve problems, and make your site stand out in Google search results. Understand which queries attract users to your site. Analyze how many times your website is displayed, clicked on, and ranked in Google searches.

2. JungleScout plugin

It helps to quickly gain insight into product potential, understand competitor sales, and get competitor sales in real time. Quickly perspective Listing page data, monthly sales, daily sales, price and ranking of historical trends and other key data. Analyze hot potential products; run the plugin with one click to view data such as estimated sales, reviews, profits and time competition level of Amazon products, so as to know your enemy and know yourself.

3. Lead generation queries

OpenCorporates is the world’s largest open corporate database, providing publicly available data from more than 200 jurisdictions around the world, as well as information about companies and other organizations in over 200 countries and territories. Providing users with a convenient, open platform for accessing information about companies and organizations around the world, promoting transparency and data-driven decision-making, you can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the companies you deal with.

4. Social Account Mining is an intelligent social media tool that helps users to look up all the social accounts of this customer from one contact. It can be installed in a browser and integrates with social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. View Facebook and job information on Gmail, common Facebook friends in career profiles, Facebook and job information on Twitter, and more.

5. Google Analytics

One of the most widely used web analytics tools on the Internet. Users can obtain detailed traffic data, including information on the source of access (e.g., search engines, social media, advertisements, etc.), user behavior, device type and access path. Real-time monitoring features are also available, allowing you to keep tabs on current user activity. This is useful for monitoring and making instant adjustments to specific campaigns or promotions.

6. VMLogin

VMLogin Antidetect Browser is an anti-association browser suitable for multi-account batch management, changing the fingerprint information of website tracking through a virtual browser, each fingerprint browser can do independent IP as well as Canvas fingerprints and other important privacy parameters of the modification, the real browser fingerprint environment is independent of each other, 100% security isolation, ensuring secure and anti-associated login and management of multiple accounts of cross-border e-commerce, and supporting global website platforms. Cross-border users can simulate different users, different devices, and geographic locations for ad placement, ad verification, ad spying, retail price comparison, searching for information, lifting IP restrictions, etc., which is highly practical.

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