How to Run Multiple LinkedIn Accounts Simultaneously?

LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform that allows users to create profiles, make business connections, find job opportunities, and share industry insights.

Why do I need multiple LinkedIn accounts?

1. Sometimes a single LinkedIn account may not be sufficient for a user’s needs. Here are some situations where multiple LinkedIn accounts are needed:

2. Separation of personal and professional: Some users want to keep their personal and professional lives separate and therefore may need one LinkedIn account for personal use and another for professional use.

3. Different industries or fields: If a user is active in more than one field or industry, different accounts may be needed to showcase relevant professional qualifications and experience.

4. Expanding business contacts: For business owners or salespeople, having multiple LinkedIn accounts can help them expand their business network and contacts.

Send more than 100 invitations per week: LinkedIn has a limit of 100 connection invitations per week, so if you want to send more invitations, you will need multiple LinkedIn accounts.

How to Create Multiple LinkedIn Accounts?

1. Sign up for a new account: Users can sign up for a new LinkedIn account using a different email address. Make sure that each account has separate profile information (email address and phone number) to showcase different professional identities.

2. Profile customization: Each account’s profile should reflect the specific professional information the user wants to convey. This includes avatar, work experience, educational background, etc.

3. Active Interaction: Post regularly and interact with other users.

4. Compliance: Avoid spamming and follow LinkedIn’s policies.

Ways to Manage Multiple LinkedIn Accounts:

1. Using different devices: it is safer to configure multiple devices to log into separate accounts. But it’s tedious because you need to switch between different computers or phones.

2. Use a proxy server: using a proxy server can provide a layer of anonymity by acting as an intermediary between your device and LinkedIn, which can hide your real IP location. However, it can’t hide your browser’s digital fingerprint and can easily lead to multiple accounts being detected by the system.

3. Use the Antidetect Browser: When it comes to securely managing multiple LinkedIn accounts, the VMLogin Antidetect Browser has it all covered. It does this by modifying your browser digital fingerprint, including browser type, OS, Screen resolution, fonts, language and other fingerprint information to form a camouflaged browser digital fingerprint, so that each browser window you open and each account looks like it’s accessed from a different device, greatly reducing the risk of being detected by LinkedIn and having your accounts blocked.

With VMLogin, you don’t need to have multiple devices and switch frequently. You only need to have one computer + VMLogin to manage and operate multiple LinkedIn accounts on one computer. Not only does this simplify the process, but you also don’t have to worry about being banned from LinkedIn due to account association.

Having multiple LinkedIn accounts can expand the reach and visibility of an individual or business within a professional network, but managing multiple accounts requires a certain investment of time and effort to ensure that each account is adequately attended to and updated.

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