How to Manage Hundreds of Social Media/Amazon Accounts with One PC?

This article will introduce the relevant methods, you can manage hundreds of accounts more efficiently, to help you realize the convenience and security of account management.

I. Common Scenarios of Cross-border Online Business:

1. Login to different stores on the same platform (multiple Amazon stores).

2. Login to different stores on different platforms (Amazon stores, eBay, Etsy stores).

3. Logging into different accounts on the same social platform (logging into multiple Facebook accounts).

4. Login to different accounts on different social platforms (login to different accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc.).

Most of these hypothetical scenarios are currently encountered by many cross-border users who need to log in and manage multiple accounts at the same time, so how to make it easier and prevent account association blocking?

II. Account Isolation Solution

The solution to account association is account isolation. We need to use different devices + different browsers + different IP + different cookies to realize network isolation.

(i) Choose a suitable cloud server (VPS):

1. Choose a reliable and well-performing cloud server: Common cloud service providers include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

2. Set up a remote desktop connection;

3. Use virtualization technology: You can create multiple virtual machines on the cloud server and assign a separate virtual machine to each account. In this way, you can manage multiple accounts at the same time, keeping them isolated.

However, VPS remote operation is more laggy and less usable.

(ii) Use fingerprint browser to manage accounts:

1. Choose a suitable fingerprint browser: Common fingerprint browsers include Multilogin, Linken Sphere, and VMLogin.

2. Create and configure account profiles: Create and configure different account profiles in VMLogin Fingerprint Browser, each profile corresponds to an account.

3. Enable Proxy Server: Configure a different proxy server (IP address) for each account, based on the IP address to match the corresponding country’s time zone, language, and latitude/longitude to simulate different geographic locations and network environments. Each account has a dedicated IP to ensure IP isolation.

This method is not laggy has a good anti-association effect, and is cost-effective.

III. Summary

By using cloud servers or fingerprint browsers, you can manage hundreds of social media and Amazon e-commerce accounts more easily. Choose the right method according to your needs and practical situation, and ensure the security and compliant operation of your account.

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