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In the field of e-commerce, multiple account management is a challenging task. Along with the expansion of team size and increase in the number of accounts, managing and coordinating multiple accounts effectively becomes a tedious task. However, with the excellent features of VMLogin Browser, e-commerce multiplayer teams can easily solve the challenges of multi-account management and realize efficient online collaboration.

Challenges of Multiple Accounts Management in E-commerce:

In the e-commerce industry, operators usually need to manage accounts for multiple marketplaces and platforms at the same time, such as Amazon, eBay, Wish, and so on. These accounts have different login credentials, interfaces, and operational processes, which bring the following challenges to team members:

1. Complexity of multi-account login: different accounts require different usernames, passwords, and authentication codes, and frequent switching of account logins will waste time and energy.

2. Difficulty in sharing account information: It is difficult to share account information, such as login credentials and authorization information, among team members, resulting in inefficient communication and collaboration.

3. Security risk: When multiple team members share the same set of account credentials, it is easy for password leakage or information security vulnerabilities to occur.

How Does VMLogin Browser Solve the Difficulty of Multi-Account Management?

As a fingerprint browser designed for multi-account management, VMLogin Browser provides a series of powerful features to help e-commerce multi-person teams collaborate and manage multiple accounts efficiently.

1. One-click fast login: VMLogin browser’s function of importing/exporting cookies allows users to log in to multiple accounts at the same time without passwords, and one-click automatically completes the login process, which greatly reduces the time and cumbersome operation of frequent logins.

2. Team Account Information Sharing: Team members can utilize VMLogin Browser’s admin account and sub-account functions as well as sharing and transferring functions. With multiple sub-accounts under the admin account, the admin account can set the permissions of the browser files to be shared or transferred, and whether the sub-accounts can create the files, edit the proxy information, or only have viewing rights. You can also unshare a profile at any time, and it’s all under the control of the admin account.

With these two features, team members can quickly access and manage shared accounts, quickly build business workflows, and improve collaboration efficiency. Partners can also take advantage of this feature, so that you can quickly transfer files anywhere, anytime, and configuration files are in a secure environment, without worrying about data leakage.

4. Security: The VMLogin browser uses fingerprint login technology to ensure that only authorized team members can access and manage account information, improving account security.

5. Multi-window Split Screen: VMLogin browser supports multi-window multi-opening at the same time, you can manage multiple store accounts at the same time, to collect information, shelve goods, view logistics information, etc., and fast account switching and management.

6. Browser-enabled automation: Using VMLogin Browser can’t miss its browser automation tools, sellers can set up certain sub-stores to automate work tasks and concentrate on managing the main store. Running multiple stores at the same time in this way can greatly improve operational efficiency.


By utilizing VMLogin Browser to solve the problem of multi-account management, e-commerce teams can achieve efficient online collaboration. Team members can quickly log in and manage multiple accounts, share account information, improve work efficiency and teamwork, and achieve better performance.

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