Reasons for Shopee Stores Being Blocked or Closed

Shopee is a well-known e-commerce platform that attracts more and more sellers. However, sometimes a seller’s Shopee store may be blocked or shut down, preventing them from continuing their operations. In this post, we will discuss a few common reasons why Shopee stores get blocked.

Reason for the product

Shopee has strict listing specifications, so the violating goods will be removed. For example, counterfeit goods, infringing goods, and prohibited goods. When the deleted merchandise generates a certain level of penalty points under the seller scoring system, the seller’s right to sell will be restricted. If a seller’s behavior is highly egregious the account will be blocked or permanently closed. Sellers can research according to the platform’s banned goods manual to avoid risk.

Reasons for Business

1. Failure to fully fund the seller’s margin. On Shopee, sellers who want to operate their stores normally must recharge their accounts with the full amount of the seller’s margin.

2. Store inactivity for a long period of time. Shopee will periodically enforce a block on stores that have been inactive for a long period of time, and whose operational history includes actions such as logging into the store, shelving products, and processing orders. For a short period of inactivity, Shopee will send you an account deletion warning email. If you still have not logged in for a long time, your store account will be deleted automatically.

3. Existence of fraudulent behavior. Common fraudulent behaviors are malicious brushing, goods do not match, sending prohibited chat keywords, false transactions, unreasonable prices, a large number of released duplicate goods, setting inappropriate keywords and descriptions of goods, choosing the wrong category of goods to carry out false business and mislead consumers, which will lead to the platform to punish the block store, and in serious cases, the closure of the store.

4. The existence of arrears. If you generate arrears in several consecutive payment cycles or the amount of arrears accumulated in a single time is too large, Shopee will send you an email to pay the arrears. If you do not pay the outstanding amount within the specified time, the seller’s store will be blocked.

Reasons for Account

1. Failure to submit account review information on time. If you don’t provide the information on time or the information you provide doesn’t meet the requirements, it may lead to the store being blocked and can’t continue to operate.

2. Multiple accounts operating at the same time are detected to be associated. SHOPEE may lead to account association if it detects that the login device and login environment of multiple accounts are the same or similar, so that the accounts may be closed altogether.

Sellers who need to operate multiple Shopee accounts can use the VMLogin Antidetect Browser, a browser built for cross-border platforms like Shopee, Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. Simply create multiple virtual profiles to disguise the real identity of the account, with the use of static IP, you can realize that each Shopee store is independent, secure, stable, and completely isolated, free from the hassle of account association.

In short, if Shopee sellers want to not be closed store, they need to do to comply with Shopee’s rules and regulations, provide quality customer service, maintain good transaction records and use VMLogin Antidetect Browser to protect the security of the account, maintain a good merchant reputation and compliance with the operation of the Shopee store is to ensure that the normal operation of the Shopee store key.

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