Tips for Shopee Newbies on Selecting Products!

Product selection is a crucial part of running an e-commerce business on the Shopee platform. In this article, we will introduce some essential product selection tips and strategies for Shopee newbies to help sellers find hot products and increase sales and profits.

I. Choose popular product categories and high-frequency search keywords

On the Shopee platform, some popular product categories and high-frequency search keywords often have greater sales potential. Sellers can use the marketing tools in the Shopee seller’s back office to study Shopee’s popular search terms and top-ranking product categories, and choose products that fit their own positioning and competitive advantages. At the same time, pay attention to consumer purchasing needs and trends, and choose products that meet market demand.

II. Finding unique products and differentiated competitive advantages

On the Shopee platform, competition is fierce and it is very important to find unique products and differentiated competitive advantages. Sellers can customize unique products by cooperating with suppliers or choosing featured products to attract consumers’ attention and purchase desire. In addition, providing unique product descriptions, pictures, and videos to show the features and advantages of the products, increases the attractiveness and competitiveness of the products.

III. Research social media

Learn about hot topics through social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc., which often represent popular items or needs in the current market. In addition, you can also search for certain commodity keywords and study the number of views and comments on related posts to understand how much buyers pay attention to these commodities as well as how much they like and demand them. Also, follow some Reddit bloggers and learn about popular products through their posts.

IV. According to other e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, etc.

Other e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, eBay, Lazada, Ozon, Noon, Etsy, Walmart, and others platforms, these platforms can also be used as a reference for the selection of products, and then with their own site to open the combination of local consumer demand for product selection. If there is no specific product selection strategy, you can also choose the current demand for large, lightweight, small, fast-selling products for sale. For newbies, this method of product selection can attract more traffic and customers.

V. Choose quality products and after-sales service

Sellers should choose products with quality assurance and provide reliable after-sales service, such as genuine product guarantee, return and exchange policy, and fast logistics service. Establishing good customer reviews and word-of-mouth will help attract more consumers and increase the repeat purchase rate.

VMLogin Fingerprint Browser – a must-have tool for Shopee management

VMLogin Fingerprint Browser is an anti-association browser designed for e-commerce, which can help sellers solve the problems of account association and account security. It can create a large number of virtual browsers on a single computer, simulating real hardware device browsers and different IP addresses, so that the browser environment of each Shopee account is a real user environment, and the browsers are isolated from each other, reducing the risk of account association.

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