What is the Specific Browser for Amazon Cross-border E-commerce?

In E-commerce, account association is one of the trickiest issues. Generally speaking, sellers open multiple stores to add more exposure to their products and increase the sales rate from multiple channels. However, if sellers trivialize the power of account association, they will bear incalculable losses. So the importance of anti-detection is obvious, which is why the anti-detect browser will be called the special browser for e-commerce, because the security of the browser environment determines whether your store account is safe or not.

Tips for Amazon Newbie Store Operation:

1. In terms of store registration, we should pay attention to the fact that the registration information of the registration failure can not be used for the second registration, so newbies must pay more attention to it, so as to prevent the registration failure and the waste of registration information;

2. Try not to click farm. Many e-commerce platforms have the behavior of click farming, but click farming in Amazon is a serious issue. Once it is detected as suspicious, the store will be closed;

3. Pay attention to improving the quality of store reviews. Guide customers to make positive comments, if the store evaluation is too few or too many bad reviews will remove the right to sell, or even block;

4. Reduce the same keywords for multiple products with repeated settings, or keywords set too much, the product features and core description can be;

5. Avoid products that do not match the pictures, otherwise, it will attract a lot of returns and bad reviews, resulting in blocking;

6. The product detail page should be as rich as possible in product information, listing the key points and attractions of the product to give buyers a good browsing experience.

7. In terms of accounts, pay attention to avoid the problem of account association. Amazon does not allow one person to open more than one account, so when logging in to your account, make sure that the device you are operating is clean and has not logged in to another Amazon account. Or use an account anti-detection tool.

Anti-detect Browser is a multi-account anti-association tool for e-commerce store operations. Create multiple virtual profiles in VMLogin Antidetect Browser to manage multiple stores efficiently. VMLogin can help you:

1. Provide a safe, stable, and independent browser login environment for multiple stores without ads or pop-ups to ensure account security;

2. Open multiple browsers at the same time to log in multi-platform multi-account operation, and manage multiple stores, to prevent account association;

3. Supports importing and exporting cookies, realizing password-free login to multiple platforms and multiple accounts, and preventing account crossover;

4. Multiple people online efficiently manage the same store, to realize off-site collaborative teamwork;

5. Hide the real IP address, realize anonymization of the Internet;

6. Encrypted data upload to prevent commercial data leakage;

7. Support diversified browser automation, such as Selenium, Puppeteer, etc., to realize the automated execution of repetitive tasks, such as automatic search for products, automatic add-ons, automatic browsing, etc., to free your hands.

In addition, sellers can also utilize the browser’s multi-account management function to market their stores on major social media platforms, adding more possibilities for product sales.

E-commerce specialized browser offer features that ordinary browsers do not, so if you want to stand out in Amazon’s e-commerce, it is crucial to choose the right browser.

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