Social Media Marketing: How to Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts Effectively?

Social media marketing has become an influential channel for businesses to promote their products and services, and many are now turning to overseas. As of today, Facebook is still the number one most popular social media platform in the world and is an excellent platform for product promotion.

Advantages of Multiple Facebook Accounts:

1. Alternative accounts

Whether or not you’re sharing in your daily life or working in a fb related job, you’ll be sharing content with people on Facebook. These people may be your friends, classmates, bosses, and at the same time. One fb account may not be enough when you want to show different content. The point is that FB is easy to block, and this is where having multiple fb accounts may save the day.

2. Increase product sales

Many newbie e-commerce sellers are still suffering from no sales in their stores, so you must try to use multiple accounts to post on Facebook to publicize your store’s products, give more exposure to your products and attract potential customers.

3. Build brand image

Another advantage of multiple accounts is using different fb accounts for various purposes. For example, one is specialized in posting product graphics, one is specialized in posting product video content, one is only used to communicate with buyers, etc., to increase the brand’s professionalism, but also to build the brand’s image.

4. Good interaction with customers

Posting on Facebook can understand the preferences of consumers, and consumer interaction, according to the post the data can also grasp the popularity of their products.

5. Understand the competitors

You can always watch your competitors on Facebook and learn from their successes and failures, which you can translate into your strategy.

Difficulties in Managing Multiple Accounts:

There is no doubt that you get an advantage by having multiple accounts. But if you have multiple accounts, you will find it very tedious and complicated to manage them. It is very difficult to make sure that multiple accounts can survive safely and smoothly.

You need to make sure that there is one device for one account, one IP address for one account, one network for one account, accounts are anti-associated, switching accounts quickly, passwords for each account can’t be mixed up, keep each account in multiple accounts active, etc., which step is wrong may lead to the whole account being shut down.

Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts Using a Multi-Open Browser:

1. Open the VMLogin Browser client, create multiple new profiles, and log in to multiple Facebook accounts in multiple profiles.

One profile is one Facebook account. You can customize the hardware fingerprint parameters and proxy settings of the profiles to simulate different browser operating environments, and with the fingerprint protection feature, the cookies, local storage, and other cache files of each browser file are completely isolated, and the profiles are completely independent of each other and inaccessible, which ensures that there is one device and one IP.

2. In the VMLogin browser client, import cookies to the corresponding browser profile, so that you can open and log in to multiple Facebook accounts at the same time without a password, which saves time and avoids account password confusion.

3. If you are a team managing multiple Facebook accounts, you can share or transfer the ownership of the browser by right-clicking on the selected profile in VMLogin’s profile list, which is convenient for multiple people to manage online.

4. When the browser runs laggy, you can directly clear the cache on the client home page to speed up the browser.

If you also need to manage multiple Facebook accounts, then it is better to use a professional multi-open browser that can help you a lot.

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