How to List Items on Temu for Newbies?

As a new seller, learning how to list items on Temu is an important step.

I. Steps for Temu to list your products:

Step 1: Create a Temu account

Before you start to shelve goods, you need to create a Temu account. You can register an account on Temu’s official website or Temu’s APP, and log into the seller’s backend after successful registration.

Step 2: Prepare to create product information

In the backend management system, you can create product information and fill in the details. This includes steps such as choosing the item category, filling in the item title, uploading the item image, writing the item description and so on. When filling in the commodity information, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Item category: Choosing the right item category will help consumers find your products faster, before that sellers can carefully read Temu’s item category list and choose the category that best meets the characteristics of their products.

2. Item title: Item title is the first impression of the consumer to understand the product, so you need to be concise, highlight the key points, you can use keywords to describe the features and advantages of the product, while paying attention to avoid the use of over-exaggerated or misleading vocabulary.

3. Item photos: Take clear, high-quality photos to show your products, and pay attention to the size and format of the images to meet the requirements of the Temu platform.

4. Item description: Write an attractive and detailed description of your item, including its features, specifications and other important information, avoiding overly complex terms or expressions that are difficult to understand.

5. Price and Inventory: Determine the price and inventory quantity of the item and start setting up the price, inventory and logistics information for the product.

Step 3: Listing your Items

1. Log in to your Temu account: Log in to your Temu account and go to your Seller Dashboard.

2. Select the ” List Items” option: In your seller dashboard, select the “List Items” option.

3. Fill in the item information: Enter the item’s name, description, price, quantity in stock, etc.

4. Upload item photo: Upload the photo of the item, make sure the photo is clear, high quality and meets the requirements of the platform.

5. Choose item category: Choose the appropriate item category and label so that buyers can find your items more easily.

6. Set shipping cost and delivery method: Set the shipping price and delivery method of your goods, make sure they are clearly labeled.

7. Review and publish items: After filling in all the information, carefully review the product information and click the “Publish” button to put the product on the shelves after confirming that there is no error.

II. How to Manage Multiple Temu Accounts Efficiently?

If sellers have multiple Temu accounts, they should be prepared for account anti-association, and VMLogin antidetect browser is the ideal solution for multi-account anti-association.

Within VMLogin, through the virtual browser to change the website tracking fingerprint information, each browser fingerprint info has a unique ID profile ID, each fingerprint browser can be done independently of the IP as well as Canvas fingerprints and other important privacy parameters of the modification of the browser fingerprints environment is truly independent of each other, 100% security isolation, to ensure that the Temu multi-account batch security!

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