How Does Wish Choose its Products?

Wish, a globally recognized e-commerce platform, provides sellers with many opportunities to showcase and sell their goods. However, choosing popular items and succeeding on Wish is not an easy task.

1. Research on market trends and needs

Before selecting goods, it is crucial to understand market trends and consumer demand. The United States and France are the two major target markets of Wish, so buyers can consider the United States and France as the consideration area for selecting products, specifically considering the consumption habits and preferences of the people in this region.

2. Focus on popular product categories

The proportion of fashion, digital accessories, beauty, mother and child product categories on Wish will be relatively stable.

3. Look for uniqueness and innovation

In a competitive platform like Wish, it is very important to look for products with uniqueness and innovation. You can consider some products with special design and unique features to attract more buyers’ attention.

4. Consider price and profit margin

When choosing items, it is important to consider not only the cost of the item itself, but also the selling price and profit margin. Make sure that the goods you choose have a competitive price on Wish and can bring you enough profit.

5. Pay attention to product quality and supply chain

Product quality and supply chain stability are crucial. Ensure that the products you choose are of reliable quality and have a smooth supply chain to avoid after-sale problems and refunds.

6. Consider the age distribution of Wish users

Wish consumers mainly consume between the ages of 15 and 25, with more female than male users. Sellers can conduct in-depth research on this group to understand their daily preferences.

7. According to the main order country people’s preferences

For example, 80% of Wish orders are U.S. user orders, so sellers should analyze how to select products according to the needs of U.S. consumers, habits, interests and hobbies, so that it is easier to single.

8. According to specific festivals and seasons

Specific festivals and seasons will bring single opportunities, such as Thanksgiving Day hot products: plush toys, gifts, household appliances, beauty cosmetics, kitchen gadgets, Christmas hot products: shoes and clothing, heating equipment, fashion accessories, jewelry and accessories, skiing equipment, electronics, can be used as a selection based on.

Wish multi-store anti-association – VMLogin fingerprint browser

Wish sellers who want to avoid association need to pay special attention to: computer system, browser, IP address, email and password, cell phone number, payment account and products.

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