What is Noon? Explore Middle East E-commerce Platform Noon

For cross-border sellers, the Middle East market is still in the blue ocean, with huge development potential, and the earlier the seller enters the market, the greater the benefit may be.

I. What is Noon?

Founded in 2017, Noon e-commerce platform is headquartered in Dubai, UAE, covering three countries – UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt – with its largest volume market in Saudi Arabia. As one of the largest online retail platforms in the Middle East, Noon offers a multi-category shopping platform covering electronics, fashion apparel, home furnishings, beauty products, and more. Noon has become one of the first choices for more and more Chinese merchants to set up shop because of its outstanding status and influence, opening up a new blue ocean for more Chinese merchants.

II. Advantages of Noon E-commerce Platform

There are the following advantages of the Noon e-commerce platform’s entry:

1. Middle East market bonus: In recent years, the Middle East e-commerce market has continued to develop and has become one of the fastest-growing e-commerce markets in the world. As one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the Middle East, Noon has a large user base and a broad market. By joining Noon, you can have direct access to consumers from all over the Middle East, with a huge pool of user traffic, expanding new sales channels for your products. At present, there are relatively few Chinese merchants, so the pressure of competition is low.

2. Multi-category platform: Noon’s e-commerce platform covers a wide range of product categories, allowing you to display various types of products and brands on the same platform. This helps increase product exposure and sales opportunities.

3. Marketing and advertising support: The Noon e-commerce platform provides a wealth of marketing and advertising tools to help merchants increase product visibility and sales. You can attract more users to buy your products through promotional activities, advertisement placement, and cooperative promotion.

4. Simple and easy to operate: The interface of the Noon platform is simpler and intuitive than other platforms such as Amazon and eBay, so it is also better to operate. In addition, for SKU products with good sales, the platform allows more than one seller to follow the sale at the same time; it is easier for sellers to improve the ranking of the store; the store relies more on natural traffic. Therefore, store operation is easier.

III. Basic Steps Guide for Joining Noon E-commerce Platform

1. Prepare information: Prepare your business-related information, including business registration certificate, tax registration certificate, bank account information, legal person’s passport, business license, Saudi VAT certificate, P-card, Noon account opening information application form, and so on.

2. Register an account: Visit the official website of Noon e-commerce platform and register a store account.

3. Set the store currency and select the shipping mode.

4. List Products: List and display your products on the Noon platform. Make sure to provide accurate product information, pictures, prices, etc., and pass the review.

5. Submit Application: Fill out the application form and provide details of your business information, product categories, and brand introduction.

6. Complete the application: Once the application is successful, you can start your e-commerce journey at Noon.

Note: A local phone number in the United Arab Emirates or Saudi Arabia is required to register for a Noon account.

VMLogin Fingerprint Browser – Cross-border e-commerce multi-account management tool

As an e-commerce merchant, you often need to manage multiple stores and accounts at the same time, and sometimes you need to register multiple accounts for the same platform, such as registering multiple Noon platform accounts for matrix operation. However, this will produce account association problems, resulting in account blocking.

This is where VMLogin Fingerprint Browser comes in handy. VMLogin Fingerprint Browser creates multiple independent virtual browser environments to simulate fingerprinting technology, enabling you to log in and manage multiple store accounts from a single device, ensuring independence and isolation between multiple accounts, and preventing account association and account blocking. Not only that, it also protects your account’s privacy and data security to prevent data theft. A free trial is supported for new users.

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