How to Manage Multiple TikTok Accounts and Anti-Detection?

TikTok has become a popular platform in the booming social media industry today, and everyone is hungry for a piece of this “cake”. Many TikTok users have begun to use a multi-account operation strategy, which also brings the problem of account association. Well, whether TikTok accounts need to be anti-detection? How to perform TikTok multi-account anti-detection?

Whether Tiktok Multi-Account Need to be Anti-Detection?

The answer is yes. Whether it’s TikTok or other platforms, generally limit the user’s multi-account behavior, and do not allow a user to register multiple accounts with the same information. Multiple accounts with the same login device and login IP will also be marked by the platform as anomalous users, so there will be a limitation in traffic.

Attention to What is Needed for Multi-Account Management?

1. Account information: Don’t use the same information, including user name, password, bound mobile number, etc., or the account will be easily associated.

2. IP address: Choose a clean and stable IP address to log in to the account, for example, if two people operate the same account in different places, use different IPs to log in to the same account in a short period, or use the IP of an account that has been blocked, the system will determine that the account is abnormal.

3. Login environment: Maintain an independent and stable login environment, the login device of each account should be independent and stable. If you use the same browser on the same device or different browsers on the same device to log in to multiple accounts, the platform will detect that the fingerprints of the browsers of multiple accounts are the same or similar, and thus determine that they are related.

How to Effectively Prevent Association?

1. One device, one account

The most traditional way to prevent association is to have one account for each device, and pull one cable for each account, so as to ensure that the login devices and IP addresses of multiple accounts are different. However, this method is only applicable to users who operate a few TikTok accounts, and it is more costly for users who have a large number of accounts, and also requires a lot of space and labor.

2. Using the proxy IP

After people use the previous method is more restrictive, and then someone introduced this method, set a separate IP for each browser, so that multiple accounts will not be associated. However, this method can only solve the IP, not the problem of the login device.

3. Use the virtual browser

Virtual Browser, also known as Anti-detect Browser, is the latest anti-association method. The main feature of this browser is multi-account management and anti-detection. By creating multiple virtual profiles with customizable fingerprint parameters, including time zone, resolution, geographic location, OS, UA, language, fonts, memory, Canvas, WebGL, media device fingerprints, kernel, etc., and creating independent fingerprints for each profile, together with a proxy IP, you can ensure that the login of each TikTok account is independent of the device and IP address. device and IP address are independent and stable, effectively preventing account association.

On the whole, the most effective and cost-effective is to use the virtual browser. Under the premise of favorable price and ease of operation, it can log in hundreds of TikTok accounts with only one device and one browser, and each account is guaranteed to be an independent and stable IP and logging environment, which can 100% effectively prevent TikTok accounts from limiting the traffic or blocking the accounts due to account association problems. As a result, TikTok accounts can be kept stable, and operational efficiency can be greatly improved.


Overall, multi-account operations can only better utilize TikTok as a platform to achieve personal business goals if it is well protected against association.

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