VMLogin Virtual Browser: Easily Manage Multiple eBay Accounts

What is Virtual Multi-Login Browser?

Virtual Multi-login Browser, also known as Anti-detect Browser, is a tool developed based on web technology, which allows users to log in to multiple accounts at once and operate them on a single device, on a single screen. Unlike traditional browsers, Virtual Browser is able to isolate different user identities and operational information to ensure the security and independence of each account. In addition, virtual browsers can provide users with additional features such as automated execution of tasks, account anti-detection, access to restricted websites, and private data protection.

Precautions for Multiple eBay Accounts:

Before managing multiple eBay accounts, we first need to understand some precautions. First of all, each eBay account should have a separate email, phone number, and payment method to ensure the independence of account information. Secondly, we should comply with eBay’s regulations and not engage in false transactions, malicious evaluation, and other violations. Finally, rationalize time and resources in order to avoid excessive consumption of energy and resources.

How to Manage Multiple eBay Accounts?

Multi-store management for eBay sellers has long been accustomed to, but frequently cutting or changing the device will increase a lot of trouble and security risks, then What method can be logged on a device at the same time More than one eBay account but does not need to worry about account security?

1. Download and install VMLogin Virtual Browser:

Download and install VMLogin Virtual Browser from the official website and follow the instructions to complete the installation.

2. Add and Manage Accounts:

Open the VMLogin client, click Create a New Profile, create a profile for one eBay account, and set a separate IP, the eBay account profile will be displayed in the browser list after creation. Click the corresponding account and then launch the browser, you can log in and manage it.

3. Operate multiple accounts at the same time:

In VMLogin Virtual Browser, we can easily switch between different eBay accounts and operate them on one screen at the same time. As the virtual browser can be customized with the browser fingerprint information of each virtual profile, a unique browser environment is set for each account to prevent account association and account data theft. This allows sellers to log in to multiple eBay stores at the same time to quickly view and respond to messages, process orders, modify product information, etc.

4. Automation Management:

VMLogin Virtual Browser also provides some automation management functions, sellers can utilize the API interface to automate some repetitive tasks. Such as automatically refreshing the page, automatically filling out forms, automatically adding orders, automatically browsing, automatically replying, etc., to improve management efficiency, reduce the time wasted on repetitive work, optimize the store, and improve the store ranking.

In addition to these features, VMLogin can also be used for brand protection, retail price comparison, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, web crawling, etc. Sellers can open more social media accounts, quickly crawl the data of major websites to help sellers optimize their product listings, find sources of supply, catch hot trends and increase store exposure.


By using VMLogin Virtual Browser, sellers can easily manage multiple eBay accounts and improve work efficiency. At the same time, by reasonably arranging time and resources and complying with eBay’s regulations, you can better operate and develop your eBay business.

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