Package Introduction

VMLogin currently has 4 packages, namely SOLO, TEAM, SCALE, and CUSTOM. Each with the same features except for the number of browser profiles stored, the number of sub-accounts, and API access rights.

For example: SOLO package( 200 browser profiles and 5 sub-accounts)

1. Browser configuration profile: 

(1) The 200 browser profiles in the Solo package means that the admin account and sub-account share the storage of 200 browser profiles at the same time.

(2) When the browser storage is full, you can contact customer service to upgrade the package, or you can delete some unwanted browser profiles and create new ones.

(3) There is no limit on the number of new browser profiles created, the package corresponds to the limit on the number of browsers stored.

2. Sub-accounts: 

The Solo package includes one admin account and 5 free sub-accounts, which equates to having 6 VMLogin accounts. When users need to use it on multiple computers at the same time, they can log in to the website dashboard to create a sub-account. Once created, you can share the browser profile with the sub-account or let the sub-account create its browser profile. For details about permisssions of the VMLogin admin account and sub-account, please refer to: "VMLogin Admin/Sub Account Instruction"

3. API: 

Basic REST API and Advanced REST API. Please refer to the screenshot below to view the available interfaces for the package.