Besides ChatGPT, the Essential AI Tools for Cross-Border E-Commerce:

In order to do something well, one needs to make preparations. At present, it is believed that the hotness of ChatGPT is evident to everyone. Such artificial intelligence-type tools can help cross-border e-commerce greatly improve efficiency and effectiveness. Then, besides ChatGPT, what other essential tools are commonly used in cross-border e-commerce?

Cross-Border E-Commerce Essential Tools:

1. Monica

Monica is a Google Chrome browser-based extension plugin that is a copywriting generation tool. It supports conversations and chats, as well as copywriting, just like ChatGPT. Using it, you can write, translate, summarize, rewrite, explain, or reply to any text with one click, even including professional codes and core industry knowledge. With more than 80 built-in templates, you can write headlines, product descriptions, ad outlines, social media marketing copy, blogs, resumes, and more, and create the text you can customize its length, form, language, and language style of the article to fully meet the copywriting needs of cross-border e-commerce. Similar tools include Jasper AI, AdZis, etc.

2. DALL·E 2

DALL·E 2: an artificial intelligence image generator that creates images and art forms based on natural language text descriptions. In other words, it is an artificial intelligence system that generates images based on text. You just need to enter the content of the image you want and you will get images with relevant elements that will provide you with a source of inspiration for your product design drawings.

3. Synthesia

This is a video-generation AI tool that allows you to create videos online, you can create the video you need by entering the text. It supports AI voices in more than 120 languages, and you can choose different languages, accents, and tones to dub your videos, giving more convenience to the video presentation of your products.

4. Grammarly

Grammarly should be a treasure trove of tools that no one knows or understands. No matter what way you write: social media, email, Microsoft Word, AI authoring tools, etc., it provides real-time checking of the entire English writing process (including spelling, grammar, proofreading, etc.), as well as support for optimizing word usage and sentences, making it a great tool for checking and touching up articles.

5. VMLogin

VMLogin is an anti-detect browser focused on cross-border e-commerce multi-account management and anti-association, and is one of the more popular ones on the market. By simulating a browser fingerprint environment, it can log in and quickly switch multiple accounts with one device, which can provide an isolated and private browser environment for online stores and social media marketers to operate multiple accounts in batches. In addition, it also supports browser automation, which means saying goodbye to repetitive tasks and directly freeing your hands to have them done automatically.

6. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is a data-driven SEO tool that provides users with the best optimization plan by analyzing the data of the top 10 Google ranking websites. It helps users to analyze keywords, pages, content, and links for the purpose of optimizing website rankings. It has many useful functions, including keyword research, page analysis, content optimization, link building, etc. It can help users of cross-border e-commerce to optimize page structure, title, description, tags, etc.

7. SaleSmartly

SaleSmartly is equivalent to personal customer service for cross-border e-commerce, supporting multiple languages and replying to messages according to chatting scenarios, with rich marketing templates and Email templates, supporting multi-channel mass messaging and automatic marketing, helping you build a bridge with customers, reducing communication costs, and helping you improve customer conversion rate and sales.

In short, as long as the reasonable use of these tools, cross-border e-commerce sellers have solved half of the problems, so as to stand firm in the circle of cross-border e-commerce.

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