LinkedIn Marketing: How to Batch Operating Multiple Linkedin Accounts?

LinkedIn is a platform that focuses on socializing professionals and is a great tool for building networks and expanding career opportunities in the workplace. It has a lot of high-quality customer resources, which are invaluable in developing potential customers, marketing products, and shaping corporate image, making it a platform that foreign trade workers and marketers cannot miss.

Since it is to develop customers and marketing products, multiple accounts can work together to achieve better results.

The Purpose of Multiple Linkedin Accounts:

1. Expand the circle of your network and develop the potential customers

A Linkedin account can have up to 30,000 friends, and although this is a huge number, Linkedin has a limit on sending friend requests. Then, if you have more Linking accounts, you can add friends in batches, and you are not afraid of limiting the number to achieve the expansion of your network circle.

2. Alternate accounts

As we all know, newly created Linkedin accounts are highly fragile, and if you don’t use the account carefully, it might lead to blocking. For example, if you frequently send a lot of friend invitations, add a lot of groups, or post content that violates the rules of the platform, it will lead to the blocking of the account. The efforts you made in developing customers and marketing products will all go down the drain. The purpose of creating multiple accounts is to prevent problems before they occur.

3. Targeted marketing

When you have multiple Linkedin accounts, you can also use multiple accounts for targeted marketing. Each account markets with different content and functions to increase brand recognition, which shows the professionalism of the company or brand and wins more customers’ trust.

4. Increase product exposure and enhance marketing effects

One account may reap little effect in releasing products, but with multiple accounts marketing in batches, your company’s products can have more exposure on the platform, thus improving the marketing effect and enhancing customer resources.

While there are many obvious advantages to running multiple Linkedin accounts, there are some risks associated with running multiple accounts. If you try to log in to multiple Linkedin accounts on one device, or multiple people log in to the same account, which can lead to account association, and eventually your multiple accounts may be shut down, causing your entire business to suffer.

How to Keep Multiple Linkedin Accounts Secure?

1. Perfect your personal information. Registration information is recommended to use real information, not false. In addition, it is important to standardize the information in your profile, preferably with a detailed profile and work experience that is not arbitrarily modified. Improve your personal image so that when you send friend invitations, the pass rate will also be higher.

2. Avoid manually adding friends frequently in a short period of time or sending duplicate messages to multiple friends in large quantities. If you do these behaviors in a short period of time, the Collage platform will detect the existence of abnormal behaviors in the account based on the frequency and speed, which will easily lead to the Collage account being restricted from adding friends or being restricted from logging in.

3. Avoid too many ads and website links, and show more pictures + professional text.

4. Interact with others more. Comment, like, or repost high-quality content, and then better post valuable content, so that your account is more likely to get attention.

5. Use the anti-detection tool VMLogin Antidetect Browser.

One person marketing multiple Linkedin accounts must do a good job of account anti-association, and using multiple devices is obviously not practical. You can directly open multiple Linkedin accounts in the anti-association browser.

Currently, e-commerce and foreign trade workers are mostly using the VMLogin anti-detect browser. It provides a unique fingerprint for each of your accounts by simulating or modifying the browser fingerprint parameters, and each account is independent and private from each other, and the data is encrypted, so that even if multiple accounts log in on one device and one browser, the platform can’t detect it and completely avoid account association.

At the same time, you can use this browser automation function to automate the operation of accounts. The key thing is that if you want to transfer an account to your team member, you can also share and transfer, and assign permissions to help team collaboration go more smoothly.

6. Enable Linkedin Assistant. Its main function is to search customers by keywords, add friends in batches, send messages in bulk, etc.; its main role is to replace manual, improve operational efficiency, and more secure.


No matter which platform you operate or market on, you can’t be too hasty. We must be careful and patient, because cultivating quality accounts is a long-term and continuous process.

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