Multi-Account Manager: Multiple Wish Stores Avoid Association

Wish, a globally recognized e-commerce platform, has more than 500 million users, which means merchants can reach potential buyers from all over the world. In addition, Wish’s platform is characterized by its selling points of affordability, variety, and ease of shopping, which allows merchants to offer a wide variety of products to meet the needs of different consumers. In addition, Wish offers a range of official selling tools and marketing strategies to help merchants increase store exposure and sales.

However there are some risks associated with opening multiple Wish stores, and one of the most common risks is account association. In Wish, each seller can only have one account. If the Wish official detected a person operating multiple accounts, it will be regarded as a related account, the seller will face the risk of being blocked as well as shut down the store. Linked accounts will not only seriously affect the credibility and reputation of the merchant, but will also lead to the store being banned or closed.

How to Increase the Sales of Stores on Wish?

1. Sellers should focus on the quality and diversity of their products. By providing high-quality products, good logistics, and services, they can build up an excellent reputation and word-of-mouth to attract more consumers to pay attention to and buy from them.

2. Utilize the sales tools and marketing strategies provided by Wish, such as coupons and limited-time discounts, to attract consumers to place orders.

3. Expand store exposure and sales by cooperating with other sellers and conducting cross-store promotions.

4. Simultaneous operation of multiple stores and multiple social media accounts: By operating multiple WISH stores and multiple social media accounts at the same time, we can increase the exposure of our products, drive traffic to our stores, and attract potential consumers.

How to Protect Multiple Wish Stores from Association Risk?

1. Firstly, you can spread the product types and sales strategies among different stores to avoid the situation of too much similarity.

2. Secondly, use different payment accounts and contact information to avoid the possibility of being tracked by Wish to the associated accounts.

3. In addition, change your store name and product descriptions regularly to increase your store’s independence.

4. The key is to use multi-account security tools. E-commerce sellers usually need to manage multiple accounts, and they will use virtual browsers, like VMLogin, MuLogin, and Multilogin are all well-known virtual browsers.

In VMLogin you can log into multiple Wish accounts, as well as multiple social media platforms, multiple accounts. It uses virtualization technology to give each Wish account a separate operating environment. Therefore, all your multiple Wish accounts have different login devices, browser fingerprints, hard disk systems, and IP addresses, even though they are logged in on the same device, and Wish can’t detect your multiple account associations.

To summarize, opening multiple Wish stores is a strategy for sellers to pursue success, but at the same time, they also need to face the association risk. Only with continuous efforts and improvements can sellers realize their e-commerce dreams on Wish.

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