Protecting Your Shopify Site from Blocking and Detections

Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform, but there are some precautions that need to be taken to ensure that your Shopify site is not blocked and associated. In this article, we’ll cover some ways to help you protect and maintain the stability and security of your Shopify site.

I. Ways to Avoid Being Banned

1. Comply with platform policies: Shopify has a series of regulations and policies, including regulations prohibiting the sale of certain goods, anti-spam policies, and so on. Ensure that your site complies with these policies to avoid violating the prohibited behavior.

2. Provide clear product information: Ensure that your product information is accurate and truthful and does not contain false advertising or misleading descriptions. Provide clear refund and return policies and make sure you can honor your commitments.

3. Avoid infringement issues: Ensure that your product images, descriptions, and branding do not infringe on the intellectual property rights of others. Use your own unique branding and images, or legally obtain authorization to use the branding and images of others.

4. Back up your data regularly: Back up your Shopify site data, including product, order and customer information, on a regular basis. This way, even if something goes wrong or you get banned, you will be able to recover your site and continue your business.

II. Methods to Prevent Shopify Associations

1. Separate accounts: Use different accounts to manage different sites on Shopify to avoid associating multiple sites under one account. In this way, even if a site has problems, other sites will not be affected.

2. Avoid duplicate content: Avoid using the same product descriptions, images, and page layouts on different sites. Make sure each site has unique content to reduce the possibility of association.

3. Separate domain names and servers: Use separate domain names and servers for each site, which further separates the sites from each other and increases security and stability.

4. Use of Anti-Detect Browser: Using an anti-detect browser is one of the most secure anti-affiliate methods. Create profiles within the VMLogin Anti-Detect Browser, one site = one profile. Each profile is completely isolated from local cookies, cache, etc., and the profiles are also isolated from each other.

Browser fingerprint information can be customized, such as hard disk, device, browser extensions, geographic location, fonts, language, time zone, kernel, resolution, memory, and other fingerprint information. With proxies, each site is equipped with an independent and stable IP address. In this way, the three main elements for determining the association can be solved, and the association can be effectively prevented.

5. Careful use of advertising and promotion: Choose advertising and promotion channels carefully and avoid using the same advertising accounts and promotion strategies as other sites. Regularly monitor the performance of advertising accounts to detect abnormalities in a timely manner.

III. Conclusion

By taking these precautions, you can ensure that your Shopify site operates stably and avoids the negative effects of blocking and affiliation.

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