What is Wish Association? How to Avoid Wish Violation Closure?

Opening a store on the Wish platform is a choice for many sellers, but it is important to avoid violation of store closure. In this article, we will introduce how to avoid violation of store closure to help you stabilize your business on the Wish platform.

I. What is the Wish Association?

Wish associations prevent sellers from gaining an unfair competitive advantage by fictionalizing multiple accounts or using other means to improve their rankings, sales, or reviews, etc. The Wish platform cracks down on any attempts to bypass the anti-association policy and imposes penalties for violations, including store bans.

II. How to Avoid Violation of Store Sealing?

1. Open only one Wish store:

Avoid creating multiple stores to associate sales so as not to trigger the association policy. Concentrate on operating a store to improve the quality of goods and service level.

But for sellers, only one store to do up the chance of success is too small. If you want to run multiple stores on Wish, or you already have multiple stores, then pay attention to store anti-association.

2. Independently operated accounts:

Make sure your Wish store account information is independent and not the same or similar to other sellers’ account information. Avoid sharing accounts, funds, shipping information, contact information, passwords, IP addresses or any associated information with other sellers.

3. Strictly abide by the platform rules:

Read the rules and policies of the Wish platform carefully to ensure that your store and products are up to standard. Abide by the platform rules and avoid any violations, such as manipulating evaluations and artificially increasing sales.

4. Authentic commodity information:

Provide accurate and authentic commodity information, including commodity description, price, material and size. Avoid exaggerated propaganda, false labeling or misleading consumer behavior, and avoid having imitation goods, contraband goods, and other goods.

5. Quality customer service:

Respond positively to customers’ questions and complaints and provide good after-sales service. Handle refunds, returns, and disputes promptly to ensure customer satisfaction and trust.

6. Compliance operation:

Comply with relevant laws and regulations, including intellectual property protection, product safety, and quality requirements. Ensure that your store and products are legal, safe, and meet quality standards.

7. Regular store inspection:

Regularly inspect your store and operation to ensure that there is no violation of Wish platform rules. If problems are found, make timely adjustments and improvements.

III. Wish Multi-store Anti-Association Methods:

Generally need to use the fingerprint browser to ensure that each Wish account login environment is independent.

VMLogin fingerprint browser is a well-known browser used in most of the industry, can create several independent isolated virtual browser environments, the independent configuration of a stable dedicated IP address, you can ensure that each account is running in an independent and isolated environment, to eliminate account association.

IV. Conclusion

Complying with Wish’s policies is an important part of ensuring stable store operations and avoiding the risk of store closures for violations.

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