Import/ Export Cookies/Proxy IP in Batches to VMLogin

Batch Export Cookie/Proxy IP

1. Select multiple VMLogin browser profiles which you want to export the cookies. And then right-click, and choose "Export selected cookie to excel" option to export all cookies;

2. Select the path to save the file.

Batch Import Cookies/Proxy IP

1. Export Excel files according to the above "Batch Export Cookie/Proxy IP" method;

2. After opening the exported Excel file, directly update the Cookie or proxy IP (such as proxy type, IP, port, account, password) and save it;

3. Click the "Batch Import Cookies" button to upload the Excel file to be imported;

4. After successful import, a tip will pop up to display the number of imported data.


① When you import Cookies or Prxoy in batch, there's a popup tip to ask you "do you want to import and override the proxy settings this time?" Please select yes or no for your needs.

② Directly download the batch imported cookie template "vmcookie" to update the Cookie or proxy IP file.

Example of Cookie/ Proxy IP content:

Cookie/ Proxy IP Import Tips

Cookie/ Proxy IP Import Result:

Import / Export Cookie/Proxy IP in Batches Video Tutorial