Introduction of VMlogin kernel 86.0.4240.75 update

VMLogin Antidetect Browser has integrated two kernel versions of the browser on

① Old version of VMlogin browser’s kernel: 79.0.3945.130

② New version of VMlogin browser’s kernel: 86.0.4240.75

During the first installation of the VMLogin client, the 86 version of the new kernel browser will be automatically installed by default.

If all is well with browser 79 when you are using, you can continue to use the old kernel and ignore the update of browser 86.

If you are using the old version of 79 browser, the session data such as cookies and bookmarks will remain compatible after upgrade to version 86. However, it's not supported to return the version from 86 to 79.

1. How to upgrade VMLogin to the latest version?

Open VMlogin client -> Help and support -> Repair VMLogin browser -> Click Install kernel 86.0.4240.75, see as follows:

2. See the method of browser kernel:

Open the VMLogin browser profile -> Click the three dots in the upper right corner -> Click About Chromium, see as follows:

3. Differences between versions 79 and 86:

(1) The new kernel browser will be better in terms of website support.

(2) The new kernel may have better support for fingerprint isolation.

(3) See the improvements for version 86 as below link: Here.

4. The features of Chrome 86 official version:

High speed
The biggest advantage of the Chrome browser which is fast. The chrome86 version has PGO compiler optimization technology, which increases the page loading speed by 10%. Let's start with Google Chrome.

Label management
Chrome86 tab groups can distinguish theme or task labels, and even the priority of labels,and can be collapsed and expanded to make it easier to see which TAB groups you want to access.

Security examining tool
The tool can be scans and cleans up spam and other threats on the user's computer, it also helps users check if their passwords have been leaked.

5. Chrome86 major update:

(1) Chrome 86 introduced a back cache for users to realize instant navigation on previously visited pages.

(2) When the CPU runs many tabs or programs at the same time, the speed is greatly improved.

(3) The native file system API allows users to grant read and write access to specified files/folders to Web applications.

(4)VMLogin version download URL: Download.