Custom launch browser parameters Settings

Users can add custom parameters to execute the action when opening the VMLogin browser. Such as maximizing the browser screen, disabling the display of images, loading local Google plugins, etc. For the specific setting details, take "Browser Screen Maximization Setting Tutorial" as an example a reference.

--start-maximized: Browser screen maximization. When settings this function, the resolution of the browser should be equal to or larger than the local resolution. If it is smaller than the local resolution, it cannot be maximized.

--n-images: Save traffic by not showing images.

--load-extension="......": Automatically load the local plug-in. After downloading the required plug-in to the local, add the installation path to the quotation marks.

Example: --load-extension="C:\Users\Vmlogin\my-Plugin"

If you need to add multiple parameters, please refer to the following parameters:

--load-extension="D:\Cookie-Editor,D:\plugin2" --start-maximized

This parameter means: Plug-in 1 is Cookie-Editor, and Plug-in 2 is plugin 2 and browser maximization.