Geolocation Introduction

1. Chrome browser has API for websites to retrieve user geolocation. When a website calls this API, a browser normally prompts a user to either accept or deny the request. A browser then remembers the user's choice and either continue providing user geolocation to this website or keeps disproving such requests automatically.

2. Since the geolocation of an IP address may change over time, browsers need a reliable mechanism to retrieve geolocation from a constantly updated database. Chrome browser retrieves them using Google Maps API. Depending on the device, they may send several data points to Google, like IP addresses and available Wi-Fi networks. They will then receive back geolocation coordinates provided by Google. 

3. In VMLogin software, users can customize the geographic location or use the IP location detected automatically by the system which is based on "Fill geographic location based on IP address". For the specific setting method, please refer to "Geolocation latitude and longtitude Settings”