Header Customization

HTTP Referer is a part of the Header. When the browser sends a request to the web server, it usually brings the Referer with it to tell the server which page we are linking from, so that the server can obtain some information for processing. For example, if we link to a friend from my homepage, his server can count how many users click the link on my homepage to visit his website every day from the HTTP Referer.

Header name: It’s the key name of the request header which you want.

Not exist add: When you selected this option, if the current request header does not contain the header name you set, the value will be added what you set. if you don't select it, it will added directly, If it is in the request header, it will be overwritten with the value you set.

Value: It’s the value what you set.

URL match: It's URL matching when you add a Header,and if the match is successful, the Header setting will be added.Not all URLs are added. For example, if you want to add all websites, use * to indicate all URLs.

Common Settings of Header uses cases:

1. Cache control that forces each request to be sent directly to the source server

Cache-Control: no-cache

2. The source setting represents the previous page visited by the browser, which can be considered of as the link from the previous page that brought the browser to the current page.

Referer: https://www.vmlogin.us/

Add Header: New/Edit VMLogin Browser Profile -> Basic Configuration -> Header -> Enable Header Customization -> Fill in header name, value, URL match -> Add.

Delete Header: Select the Header you want to delete -> Right click -> Click "Delete Selected (Z)" -> Delete successfully.