VMLogin Resolution Introduction

The resolution of the browser, that is, the physical resolution of the simulated device, such as Windows and mobile phones, different devices have different resolutions.

1. When simulating Windows, macOS, or Linux operating systems, it is generally better to choose a resolution smaller than or equal to the local machine.

2. When simulating mobile devices, VMLogin optimizes the display, because the resolution of mobile devices is generally much higher than that of computer monitors, especially the vertical resolution.

3. The VMLogin software can only be run in the Window system, most computer monitors' resolution is 1920*1080, and mobile devices generally need to operate more than 2K, such as the resolution of the iPhone X has reached 1125 x 2436, so if 100% according to the real resolution can not fully display the content of the page.

So VMLogin refers to the DevicePixelRatio display optimization function. Please refer to the second figure for the setting. The VMLogin software will also automatically and randomly correspond to the system selected by the user.