API Interfaces Introduction and Examples


GETCreate a group/tag/create
GETRemove a group/tag/remove
GETRename a group/tag/rename
GETGet a list of all groups available on your account/tag/list
GETMove browser profile to specific group/tag/profile/add
GETRemove the current group from the browser profile
(Merge to default group)
GETGets a list of profiles based on a specific group ID/tag/profile/list


POSTCreate browser profile/profile/create
POSTUpdate browser profile settings/profile/update
GETDetail browser profile/profile/detail
GETSharing browser profile (batch operation)/profile/share
GETBrowser profile unshare (batch operation)/profile/cancelShare
GETTransfer browser profile’s ownership (batch operation)/profile/transferOwnership
GETRelease the browser profile (batch operation)/profile/release
GETRemove browser profile (batch operation)/profile/remove
GETGet a list of all available browser profiles/profile/list


GETGet a random User-Agent/browsers/ua
GET/POSTGet random UA by specifying OS and kernel version /ua/rand


GETLaunch the browser profile/profile/start
GETStop the browser profile/profile/stop
GETRefresh the browser profile/profile/refresh
GETOpen the specified page on the current tabs/profile/openurl
GETOpen a new TAB/profile/newtab
GETGet webpage source code/profile/source
GETFind Element/profile/findElement
GETGet Attribute/profile/getAttribute
GETSend the file to the webpage/profile/sendKeys
GETCheck the profile is running correctly/profile/active
GETGet a random profile information/profile/randomProfile
GETDelete a profile of local TEMP folder/profile/delete
POSTCreate the local profile and launch it/profile/create_start
GETExport the cookies from profile/profile/cookies/export/webext
POSTImport cookie to browser profile/profile/cookies/import/webext
POSTExecute Script/profile/ExecuteScript
POSTScreen Shot/profile/ScreenShot
POSTGet ALL Cookie/profile/getCookies
POSTAsk if the current page is loaded/profile/readyState
GETSwitch Frame/profile/SwitchToFrame
GETSwitch TAB/profile/page/bringToFront
GETClosed TAB/profile/page/close
GETWarn you if passwords are exposed in a data breach/profile/browser/password_
GETRestart client (no request parameters)/client/restart
GETTest Proxy/proxy/test

Description of Settings in the Profiles

NameSpecific Description
Create ProfilecreateProfileRequest
deviceOS ListdevicesOS
acceptLanguage ListacceptLanguage