API Launch the Browser Profile

Launch the browser profile using API interface:

Request Url:

Request Type: GET

profileIdstringBrowser profile IDtrue
skiplockbooleanStart the browser by skipping the session lockfalse
blockbooleanThe interface will continue to block until the browser process is successfully created before returning the results (for V1.3.7.7)false


    "profileId": "17D40B01-566A-4E3F-888A-C40A404668B8",
    "skiplock": true,
    "block": true


(1) When using the local interface, you need to Enable browser automation settings on the VMLogin client and save the settings. Please refer to the tutorial "Launch the browser automation port";

(2) For profiled, please refer to the tutorial "Where is the profile ID" or use the profile/list interface to get all profileId.